Corrie gets wedding fever as two couples head to the altar but one goes wrong

Corrie is getting wedding fever this week as both Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald, and Daniel Osbourne and Sinead Tinker, head down the aisle for the best days of their lives.

But one goes very wrong indeed – Tracy and Steve’s day – as revelations about his misdemeanours come bubbling to the surface.

First, Beth Tinker spots Steve leaving No.11 after his final dance lesson with Abi Franklin, and she gets suspicious.

She tells Tracy what she’s seen, which leavs the bride furious, as she confronts Abi for sleeping with her husband to be and throws her out before she gets a chance to explain herself.

The bride runs over to the garage and vandalises Michelle Connor’s car, knowing Abi will get the blame, before she heads over to her wedding with a very grim expression.

Steve preps for his nuptials but Tracy storms in, and slaps him for what she believes is an affair with Abi.

He shows off his dance moves to show her this isn’t the case.

But will she calm down, or will she shut down the wedding after Ken, and now Beth, have bailed to go celebrate with Sinead?

Meanwhile, Daniel decorates the urban garden for his wedding, telling Ken that Sinead is three months pregnant.

Ken agrees to tgo to their wedding instead of his own grandaughter’s, while Sinead heads to the hospital for her appointment, which she has kept hidden from her fiance.

She is terrified as they take her for an MRI scan after a biopsy, and is shaken and worried as she heads home.

At the same time, Daniel is joined by Beth, Ken, Roy Cropper, Kirk Sutherland, Craig Tinker and Kate Connor in the urban garden, and as Sinead steps off the tram she is amazed by how beautiful the garden is decorated.

Daniel drops to one knee and asks her to marry him.

Also, Jim McDonald tells Liz he has never stopped loving her and wants to think it over, as she promises to consider his offer.

He goes to tell his current squeeze and fake daughter, Hannah, that the money has come through from Liz’s account, but he urges her to leave rather than stay with him.

Finally, a corrupt copper tells Ryan Connor he is working with Ronan Truman, and gives him a beating for his "involvement" in Cormac’s death.

Ali Neeson, Ryan’s "brother," is then suspended form work because of his "involvement" in Cormac’s death as well.

Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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