Coronation Street’s steamiest affairs – Ken Barlow to Mike Baldwin and Deirdre

Abi's affair with Imran could possibly be exposed in Coronation Street this week, as Kevin overhears Abi talking to Imran in the park about possibly being pregnant.

Does Kevin overhear what she says? And if he did, what will this mean for the future of their relationship?

Coronation Street has had some of the soap's steamiest affairs, including the famous 1983 storyline featuring Mike Baldwin and Deirdre Barlow.

Kevin Webster is another of Weatherfield's residents to have had multiple affairs too, and Daily Star takes a look at his past flings, along with the affairs of other Coronation Street residents.

Daily Star takes a look back at some of the most memorable affairs on the cobbles.

Ken Barlow cheats on both his wives

Ken Barlow is one of Weatherfield's most notorious serial adulterers, having had two affairs alone while married to his first wife Valerie Tatlock.

During his marriage to Valerie, he had affairs with exotic dancer Pip Mistral, as well as news reporter, Jackie Marsh.

It all seemed like he had found his happy ending though, after marrying his second wife Deirdre Barlow, but it wasn't long before the tables were turned and Deirdre had an affair with another Weatherfield resident – Mike Baldwin.

Ken also couldn't resist the temptation either, as, despite him and Deirdre reconciling after her affair, Ken later cheated on her with Martha Fraser in 2009.

Deirdre Barlow and Mike Baldwin

Fan favourite resident Deirdre Barlow struck up one of Coronation Street's most famous affairs when she began a relationship with Mike Baldwin in 1983.

Deirdre and Mike had previously dated before she chose to settle down with Ken Barlow, but love eventually bloomed again between the former lovers.

Racked with guilt, Deirdre eventually confessed to the affair to husband Ken, with Mike Baldwin turning up on their doorstep after Ken told her to put the phone down on him.

From there, Ken and Mike became sworn enemies, even coming to blows in the Rovers Return at one point.

Not only did the story have fans gripped, but when the affair was revealed to Ken Barlow, the unexpected twist was even announced at a Manchester United game.

It was also voted the most gripping Coronation story in the programme's history by viewers.

Peter Barlow and Carla Connor

Peter was another Barlow that couldn't help himself when it came to temptation, as he also had numerous affairs like his father Ken.

Not only was he married to two women at the same time (Shelley Unwin and Lucy Richards), but he also cheated on his third wife on Leanne Battersby.

Peter had originally married Leanne Battersby after he thought that he was dying in 2010. However, he recovered and the couple seemed to be living in married bliss before he cheated on Leanne with Underworld boss Carla Connor.

Peter and Carla had met when they attended AA meetings together, with the two eventually growing close and starting an affair.

They kept the relationship a secret, but in 2010 during the famous Tram Crash incident, Carla confessed her love for Peter in front of Leanne, leaving Leanne devastated.

Carla also became a victim to Peter's womanising ways too, when after marrying for the fourth time, he cheated on Carla with Tina McIntyre, who was later murdered by Rob Donovan.

Peter and Tina's affair was exposed following her murder, causing Carla and Peter to part ways, before they returned to the cobbles in 2018 and eventually decided to remarry in 2021.

Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald has had more wives than the Rovers Return has served hot pots, including marrying Tracy Barlow after a steamy affair.

As a teenager, Tracy Barlow (then played by Dawn Acton) had a huge crush on Steve McDonald, but the feelings were not returned by a young Steve.

After returning from London following her marriage to Rob Preston, Tracy cheated on Rob in 2002, before embarking on an affair with Steve McDonald.

Steve has cheated with Tracy multiple times – first behind wife Karen McDonald's back

During their first fling, Tracy became pregnant with their daughter Amy, but at the time, Tracy had convinced Roy Cropper that it was his baby, after she tricked him into thinking they'd spent the night together.

The truth was finally revealed however and after a few more years, Tracy and Steve embarked on another affair during his marriage to Becky McDonald.

The couple eventually married in 2012 and later split up again, before remarrying once again in 2018.

Will it be everlasting love finally for the couple though? Only time will tell.

Sally Metcalfe and Greg Kelly

Sally Metcalfe cheated on ex-husband Kevin Webster with Greg Kelly in 1999, ending nearly 15 years of marriage for one of Weatherfield's most well-known couples.

When Sally's relationship with Greg ended, she became engaged to Danny Hargreaves – only to then reconcile with ex-husband Kevin in 2001.

After multiple affairs, Sally and Kevin remarried in the same year, but it wasn't long before Sally was unfaithful again.

While working at a car garage, she began an affair with her boss Ian Davenport, ultimately bringing her relationship with Kevin to an end once again.

Kevin Webster and Natalie Horrocks

A few years before Sally's affair with Greg Kelly, her husband Kevin cheated on her with Weatherfield resident Natalie Horrocks.

Natalie was the mother of his business partner Tony, and Natalie wanted to ensure that Sally discovered she and Kevin were having an affair.

However, despite revealing the affair to Sally, she forgave Kevin and the couple reunited.

After a few years of divorce and remarriage to Sally, with the couple ultimately deciding to part ways for good in 2010, Kevin was on the lookout for love once more.

However, this love came in the shape of another affair, when he started a relationship with Tyrone Dobb's wife Molly in 2010.

Their affair was ultimately revealed but the couple stayed together for some time after, eventually having a son together called Jack.

Things didn't bode well for Kevin though, as colleague Tyrone smashed up one of the machines in the garage, causing Kevin to become trapped under a car he was working on in 2011.

Fortunately for Kevin, Tyrone saved him and the two friends ended up calling a truce.

Kate Connor and Sophie Webster

Kate Connor was the daughter of late Johnny Connor, who arrived on the cobbles as the fiance of Caz Hammond.

However, Kate had multiple affairs at the same time while living in Weatherfield, including dating both Sophie Webster and Rana Nazir while engaged to Kaz.

Kate and Rana eventually went public with their relationship, before Kate started an affair with Adam Barlow.

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