Coronation Street villain returns giving stark warning

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Coronation Street viewers were in for a surprise on Wednesday night as a familiar face made a dramatic return, bringing a chilling warning about another character.

Stu Carpenter (played by Bill Fellows), who had recently reappeared on the ITV soap, reached out to a former character named Bridget (Beth Vyse), who is currently serving time in prison for a historic murder.

Bridget’s presence on the show last year was connected to her father’s release from prison after being wrongfully convicted.

Little did anyone know that she was involved in the very crime her father was accused of.

As a result, she was charged and sentenced for murder.

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While Bridget remains behind bars, her daughter Eliza (Savannah Kunyo) resides with Stu.

In the latest episode, Stu became concerned for Eliza’s safety upon learning about a mysterious new arrival in Weatherfield, who seemed to have a connection to his daughter.

To Stu’s relief, he discovered the man Eliza had been secretly communicating with was none other than Dom (Darren Morfitt), her estranged father.

Dom expressed his desire to be a part of Eliza’s life again, having not seen her since she was a baby.

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Initially skeptical, Stu was eventually won over by Dom’s claims of transformation.

However, he felt it necessary to seek Bridget’s approval before allowing him to reunite with Eliza. Unfortunately, what followed was a sinister warning from Bridget herself.

Speaking from her prison cell, Bridget cautioned Stu about Dom’s true nature.

She insisted he was not to be trusted and warned he would only disappoint Eliza, just as he had let her down countless times before.

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She said: “He’s bad news. He always has been and always will be.”

Shocked by Bridget’s revelation, Stu made the tough decision to cut ties between Eliza and her father.

This left Eliza devastated, feeling caught in the middle and resentful of her mother’s control over her relationship with Dom.

She confided in Stu, revealing that Dom had admitted to past mistakes and expressed remorse.

However, the situation took an even more dramatic turn when Dom forcefully entered the house after learning he was no longer allowed to see his daughter.

A heated confrontation ensued between him and Stu, with Stu demanding that he leave immediately.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITV X.

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