Coronation Street theory: Sally Metcalfe heartbroken as she learns Tim’s sex secret

Coronation Street: Sally and Tim speak with sex therapist

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Coronation Street’s Tim (played by Joe Duttine) has been struggling with impotence following his major heart bypass and has gone to extreme lengths to try and “fix” the issue. He decided to take a form of viagra, which he bought online, but it ended with him back in hospital after facing more heart issues. In upcoming scenes, Sally (Sally Dynevor) is stunned to find out that Tim has organised a special birthday, but after a conversation about igniting their sex life, Sally could soon uncover a devastating secret about her husband.

Sally has been supporting Tim throughout his struggles and encouraged him to see a sex therapist with her.

Things seem to be on the up for the pair, and in upcoming scenes, Sally is touched to find Tim has prepared a special birthday breakfast for her.

He also suggests they spend the day relaxing in the hot tub, which soon turns into the pair frolicking about like teenagers.

Tim soon announces that he can feel a stirring down below, and Sally exclaims it’s the best birthday surprise she could wish for.

Excited that their bedroom life may be back on track, Sally suggests to Tim that he should listen to Sting’s interview about tantric sex as it could be the key to a successful love life.

Later Tim prepares a romantic meal for Sally and tells her he’s feeling much more positive and reckons it won’t be long before things are back to normal in the bedroom.

However, could the sudden change in heart from Tim mean he has been hiding something from Sally?

As the pair’s sex life gets back on track, could Tim have secretly been meeting other women behind Sally’s back to help their marriage and his situation in the bedroom?

If Sally finds out the truth, could this ruin their relationship forever or inspire them to experiment more for the sake of their marriage?

Actress Sally Dynevor has recently opened up about the importance of the storyline and told The Mirror: “It’s quite an important story.

“A lot of men get impotence at this age, and he’s also had a heart bypass. Sally and Time are known for running off and going upstairs and not coming back until later on.

“Now they can’t do that. We don’t talk about sex a lot in this country. I was surprised at the script, I kept thinking, ‘Can we say this at this time of the evening?’.

“I’m very happy doing it, but it’s not something we’ve done before. It seems quite controversial. I’m hoping people do reach out to me about the storyline. With my friends, we talk about menopause, but never about those other things.”

The couple has left viewers cringing between their hands over the last few months, after events such as Sally dressing up in a nurse’s outfit.

In recent scenes, the couple was excited to see a sex therapist, however, Tim suffered a huge blunder when he mistook a charity worker for their therapist.

Charity rep Barbara asked Tim how he felt about donkeys, but he got the wrong end of the stick and thought it was a sex act.

He explained: “Donkeys? Well, this has got very weird very fast.

“Listen Barbara, I don’t mind talking but maybe we should wait until my wife gets back? She’s a big part in this after all.”

After the awkward conversation about who wore the trousers in their relationship and Tim misinterpreting the question, Sally walked in and announced the therapist was outside.

Tim was left red-faced as he tried to make light of the situation and offered their guest a chocolate finger.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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