Coronation Street star Ryan Prescott says Ryan's 'very alone' amid bistro theft

In the midst of her financial woes in Coronation Street, Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) decides to get Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) involved in staging a robbery so she can claim the insurance.

Ryan Prescott has been telling us that Debbie’s plan comes at a time when Ryan is feeling hopeless about his life.

‘Ryan’s on the periphery of Alya (Sair Khan)’s life, but he’s in no way with her, and as every day goes by he feels that’s less and less likely to happen,’ he explains. ‘He’s lost all his DJ gear, his real passion which is music just isn’t happening for him, he’s called a couple of part time jobs that are going nowhere, he’s not got many friends, his family are overseas, so he’s not got much going on for him in Weatherfield. I think he’s lonely and he just wants more for himself.’

When Debbie proposes her plan, Ryan thinks it offers his character a way out. ‘Ryan is an opportunist of sorts but he’s not one to really cross a line. He knows it’s not right, but it’s his current position in life that ultimately guides him towards the decision to go ahead with the robbery. He feels it’s his last chance and once someone engages with that idea, that you’ve got one last shot, all other options go out of the window and it becomes his sole focus.’

With the idea of opening a bar in Ibiza with friends as his target, Ryan needs some cash. As the actor who plays him sees it, the decision comes out of Ryan’s loneliness. ‘Ryan’s already convinced himself that there’s an opportunity in Ibiza for him, so at that point he’s already tasting that familiarity of the only other home he’s ever had, he’s manifesting and he’s decided it’s his only way forward,’ he says.

He feels a lot of sympathy for Ryan’s predicament. ’As an actor you’ve got to try and relate to your character and I can see part of the younger me in Ryan and I feel for him, ‘ he says.

‘I feel like he’s got a good heart and he’s not really had the opportunity to show it. Weirdly this might be that opportunity, as scary as it is. It could be a real coming of age moment for him. No one cares enough to hear his side of the story and he realises in that moment that his family are gone and he’s very much alone in this.’

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