Coronation Street star Ryan Prescott hints at shock exit for Ryan Connor in road crash horror

Coronation Street fans will see Ryan Connor’s life hang in the balance tonight (October 12) as Ronan Truman takes his deadly revenge.

When Michelle’s car comes to a standstill during a high-speed road chase with Ronan, Ryan gets out of the vehicle to face the music and gets knocked down by the murderous gangster. Will he survive, or has Ronan achieved the ultimate payback for Cormac’s death?

Here, Ryan Prescott – who plays Ryan – teases the explosive scenes ahead this evening.

What were the dramatic crash scenes like to film? There’s a fair bit of blood involved…

“Sticky and cold! (Laughs.) No, it was great. I wish I could take full responsibility for the stunts, but I had a stunt double called Alan. He’s a very talented man.

“I will take partial responsibility, though, as I was able to do one of the stunts myself. They built a wooden rig around Ronan’s car, which started by the wing mirror and it curved around to the front. We padded that out and I was allowed to stand on the front.

“They got the car up to speed, I think was between 12 and 14 miles an hour. It wasn’t fast, but when you’re on the front of a car, it’s fast enough! I got to perch down, and then when I had the signal, I would throw myself onto the windscreen, so they could get that shot from the inside, and then fall off into the side pocket of the rig.

“It was terrifying, actually. It was raining heavily, so everyone was wiping down the bonnet the entire time. It was also quite slippery. But it was a lot of fun. I was really happy that they actually set something up for me to do on set.”

Were you nervous when you found out you’d be involved in this crash? It could mean an exit…

“Well, you never know when you’re going to go. I always take it as it comes. I was actually more elated that I actually got to be part of a storyline with so much oomph. I was just glad to get some juicy stuff and be part of the storyline that was going on.

“When my time comes, my time comes, so I’m just grateful for any time that I do get. You’ve got to have the gratitude. Especially when you’re unemployed for a while, that gratitude comes quite naturally!

“You never really know what the writers are going to do. When you go, you go and that’s it. I try not to get too hung up on when things come to an end. Plus, when you’re working on a storyline, you’ve only got time to really focus on the stuff at hand.

“I like to look at it in a positive light and it’s nice to have something with a bit of juice in it.”

What was it like to lie down on the road for so long?

“Probably the most difficult thing for me, as I have a lot of additional energy. So being still is one of the toughest tasks for me! It was okay, but it was a lot of lying down. At one point, I was in a puddle for quite a consistent amount of time. There was just a minute where I think I dozed off, but I was well in the back of shot!

“But no, it’s all part of it. When you’re covered in all that fake blood, I think the word is ‘icky’. You’re kind of waiting it out.”

Were they quite long days of filming?

“They were, actually. They were 12-hour days. We were on location as well. So you’d turn up in the morning and we’d have an hour of travel. Although it was really nice to be on location, because we’d done a lot of studio stuff for the previous three or four months. So it was nice to get out in the sticks and get some fresh air.

“We actually filmed these scenes near the warehouse in which the Phelan fiasco took place. It was very close to there, about 45 minutes out of Manchester and away from the set. We had quite a large crew as well. I always remember it being double the amount of people that you usually have in the studio.

“Everyone’s looking for the same thing – everyone’s looking to capture the right stuff in the story. You’re all in it together and it’s nice.”

Have you enjoyed the Ryan/Ali double act?

“Yeah. I love working with James Burrows, who plays Ali. He’s an extremely professional guy, but at the same time, we have so much fun on set. As you naturally build a relationship in the real world, it gives you more license to push each other. You can roll with that charge that comes with some of the scenes that are a little bit more intense.

“So yeah, it’s great with James. I love all of the ups and downs and the different dynamics. It gives us a chance to actually build a three-dimensional dynamic for siblings that aren’t siblings. You’ve got to remember, they’re not brothers, but there’s that element there and they have this love/hate thing going on. It’s nice to have something a little bit more rounded. So it’s great.”

If Ryan survives, would you like the aftermath of the story to bring him and Ali together more?

“There’s always room for conflict. If it makes them even more three-dimensional, then 100%. If there is an aftermath for Ryan, then let’s hope for that first!

“I can only assume it would bring them closer together. But at the same time, when tragic events occur, people act as individuals. Everyone could have their own repercussions from it, their own aftermath. So who knows? It depends if Ryan survives!”

Have you enjoyed your time on Corrie?

“It’s been six months and I’ve been loving it. I’d say it’s because of the cast and the crew and everyone that works there. It really is the people for me. In my life, no matter what I’m doing, I think one of the main elements for me is having some kind of community around you. You do this work every day, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to do what you love to do and get paid for it, then that’s one thing.

“But if you can actually be around people that you have great relationships with, then it makes it a hell of a lot more worth it. And Corrie is that. People have the time of day for you, regardless of how well you know them. It’s quite easy to start building friendships with people. This storyline has also given me the excuse to start building more relationships with people.

“Everyone’s working so hard and there’s so many people on set. There’s just people around you all the time. That’s what I love most about it.”

Do you get more attention now when you’re out and about?

“Sometimes. It’s really weird when someone shouts ‘Ryan!’ down the street. You turn around, half expecting a friend, and it’s someone wanting a picture. It’s like, ‘Ahhhh, you’ve got me’. It has its ups and downs. But sometimes it’s nice. Especially in the North, it’s pretty nice.”

Coronation Street airs the big crash scenes tonight (October 12) at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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