Coronation Street spoilers: Summer Spellman given new pregnancy offer

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The Coronation Street youngster agreed to go ahead with her pregnancy and give her baby to childless couple Mike (played by Tom Lorcan) and Esther Hargrave (Vanessa Hehir). Keeping this all from her guardian Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), Summer (Harriet Bibby) was heartbroken when she suffered a miscarriage after she’d already spent the £10,000 Mike and Esther had given her. In upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, she will be given a different offer from the pair which will divide her and Billy further.

After she had a tragic miscarriage, Summer deceived the eager couple because she didn’t want them to demand she return the £10,000.

Viewers will know Summer agreed to the offer in order to put her boyfriend Aaron Sandford’s (James Craven) alcoholic dad through rehab.

Unable to return the money, she panicked and hid the truth from Mike and Esther.

In scenes yet to air, Summer will have to reveal the truth to the couple.

Spoilers reveal Mike and Esther will insist on dropping Summer off at the hospital to have her scan.

The pair agree to wait outside, and as Summer and Aaron try to buy themselves time in the hospital, Mike suddenly appears.

He announces he should accompany the teenager to the scan, and a worried Summer and Aaron brace themselves to reveal the truth.

Desperate to raise the £10,000 to pay back Mike, Summer calls Billy, Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) together and reveals that she and Aaron plan to go travelling for a year and need the money.

Sceptical, the three quiz the 18-year-old about her plans.

Later, Mike and Esther tell Summer and Aaron that they’d be willing to forget the £10,000 and give them even more money if Summer will agree to be a surrogate for their baby.

A concerned Billy is determined to stop Summer from committing to the surrogacy plan at any cost.

Having summoned Mike and Esther, he tries to lay down the law but Mike points out that the decision is Summer’s, not his.

As Billy reveals he intends to report them to the police, how will Summer react?

Fans have been suspicious of the couple since they approached Summer with their initial offer, and the couple have sparked some theories among viewers.

After finding out Summer was keeping her decision from Billy, the two proposed a bizarre idea.

They didn’t seem too fussed to discover Summer was keeping her huge decision a secret, and were instead pleased.

They then ran an idea by Summer and Aaron which caused further suspicion.

Mike advised Summer to put his name on the baby’s birth certificate to make the process easier.

This would also give the couple a fighting chance if Summer had a change of heart after the baby’s birth.

Could they have been trying to cement their “ownership” of the baby in order to stop Summer from being able to change her mind?

Now that Summer will potentially be their surrogate instead, will the couple become even more controlling and suspicious?

It seems unusual that they wouldn’t go through the official process of adoption or surrogacy, instead pinning their hopes of becoming parents on Summer.

Will a determined Summer refuse to listen to Billy?

It seems she has made up her mind to help the couple and, owing them money, will probably agree to anything they want.

With Billy threatening to get the police involved, Mike and Esther might turn things around on Summer for taking money from them in the first place.

Billy is bound to be terrified of what Summer might be getting herself into, but will he be able to stop her?

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm on ITV.

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