Coronation Street spoilers: Nina Lucas knocks back vodka and cuts herself as she struggles to cope with Seb's death

NINA Lucas knocks back vodka and self-harms next week in Coronation Street as she heads on a downward spiral in the wake of her boyfriend Seb’s death.

Seb was kicked to death in an unprovoked hate crime targeting both him and Nina because she was dressed as a goth.

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Next week, Nina tells Asha that she can’t stop blaming herself for Seb’s death.

When Billy and Roy ask Nina to speak to Summer who’s struggling to eat or sleep after the hate crime incident, Nina snaps at her and points out how much tougher it is for her. 

Later, Nina calls into the corner shop and, while Dev is looking the other way, she steals a bottle of vodka.

Nina then suggests Summer join her for a drink. 

As the drinking gets underway, Nina cuts herself but refuses help and storms off, leaving Asha and Summer worried about her. 

Viewers will see Nina continuing to drink in a ginnel as she drowns her sorrows. 

Speaking about the aftermath of the tragic attack, Corrie boss Iain MacLeod recently teased: “It draws in lots of different families and in the best tradition of Coronation Street storytelling pits neighbour against neighbour and in some cases husband against spouse, all of those interesting areas of conflict.

“It becomes partly about class going forward, I mean I can’t say too much about that but in terms of how the criminal investigation unfolds it becomes about class and background and privilege.”

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