Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe watches Alya on his secret camera after she locks him out of the house

GEOFF Metcalfe seethes as he spies on Alya from the secret security cameras inside his house after she changes the locks next week in Coronation Street. 

Alya knows Yasmeen was being abused by the monster Geoff and won’t stop until she can prove Yasmeen was acting in self-defence and free her from prison. 

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Coronation Street viewers will remember that Alya knew there was something fishy about Geoff from day one and was horrified when he announced they had spontaneously got married in Las Vegas.

She realised how serious it was when Geoff spread that Yasmeen was an alcoholic, which Alya knew was total rubbish. 

The granddaughter did some digging and discovered that Geoff and a former girlfriend were once charged with causing an affray.

But when she used the evidence to try and persuade Yasmeen to leave her abuser, the grandmother lashed out and told Alya not to make her choose between her and her husband.

Alya then tried to get Yasmeen to talk to a police officer who said she had more dirt on Geoff, but Yasmeen refused to listen and ran away. 

When Yasmeen finally packed a bag to escape, things quickly escalated in the soap’s special episode which focused solely on the coercive control storyline. 

During a dramatic showdown, Geoff pulled out a huge knife and forced Yasmeen to defend herself with the nearest object – a wine bottle. 

But the bottle smashed into smithereens and slashed his neck, leading Yasmeen to be arrested for attempted murder and then refused bail. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Alya return from visiting Yasmeen feeling demoralised after her grandmother refuses to open up about Geoff’s abuse. 

She then changes the locks on Yasmeen’s house and watches gleefully as Geoff battles to open the door with his key. 

Tim is furious when Alya steps in and gleefully tells Geoff she’s changed the locks. 

Later, Geoff seethes as he watches Alya on his hidden video cameras. 

Will Alya find the cameras and use them as evidence to prove Yasmeen was acting in self-defence when she bottled him?

Or – knowing the evils Geoff is capable of – might Alya find herself in danger?

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