Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Brown devastated as Tyrone Dobbs confesses he's fallen for Alina – as she proposes

FIZ Brown is devastated as Tyrone Dobbs confesses he’s fallen for Alina Pop – just as she proposes. 

The ITV soap has confirmed that there’s an affair on the cards for Alina and Tyrone – who’ve been growing closer in recent weeks – this spring as the mechanic suffers a midlife crisis.

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Tyrone is thrilled when he spots Alina’s cardigan at the garage next week and realises he’s got an excuse to call round. 

But as they’re chatting, Seb waltzes in and Alina and Tyrone are forced to try and convince him nothing is going on.

As Tyrone walks back to the garage, Abi and Chesney hide while Fiz takes a deep breath and reveals she’s booked them a wedding in Greece. 

Tyrone immediately feels awful and is only able to stare at Fiz as Chesney and Abi emerge from their hiding places. 

When Tyrone fails to say anything, Fiz hurries off. 

Later, Tyrone sits Fiz down for a chat and admits that he’s fallen for Alina. 

But after a talk with Chesney, Tyrone promises Fiz that she and the kids are his priority. 

It all kicks off as Fiz confronts Alina and tells her to keep away from her family. 

Alina heads to confront Tyrone and berates him for telling Fiz about their fling, before ordering him to stay away from her. 

Tyrone is left feelings conflicted and, when Fiz gets Roy to babysit so they can spend the evening together, Tyrone cancels and tells her he has to work late.

Fiz calls at the garage with sandwiches for Tyrone and lets him know she’s checking up on him. 

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