Coronation Street fans were loving Audrey Roberts' drunk antics

Coronation Street likes to pride itself on being the funniest soap, and while fans can debate which one takes the crown until the cows come home, tonight’s (September 12) episode had us all in stitches.

At an awards do for stylists, Audrey Roberts took advantage of all the booze and got quite merry. On stage, she made a speech about loving Maria like a daughter, forgetting her own daughter Gail’s name and dropping the mic when she had finished.

Oh, and she threw her flowers right at Claudia, which David couldn’t help but film.

Viewers absolutely loved her drunken antics, which some stating that she needs a new career or that they related to her on a personal level.

Audrey did try and make it up to Claudia by offering to apply some eye drops, but was rebuffed.

Although they did seem to bury the hatchet later on, we’re really hoping that this feud doesn’t end any time soon.

Elsewhere in the episode, Abi was taken to hospital after Tracy finds her unconscious, while Nick’s new wife agreed to a divorce.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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