Coronation Street fans horrified as Peter Barlow collapses from liver failure right after tying the knot with Carla

CORONATION Street fans were left terrified for Peter Barlow after he suffered a liver failure collapse right after getting married to Carla Connor. 

Peter is dying of liver failure in the ITV soap after years of battling alcohol addiction.

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And in tonight’s episode, he and Carla decided to race against time to tie the knot after he was told he may not be eligible for a transplant.

When Daniel insisted Peter needed to go to hospital – and not his wedding – Peter insisted on heading to the venue and getting wed.

But as the proceedings began, it became clear that Peter was struggling to stay conscious. 

“Look at you, my beautiful, powerful strong woman. What did I do to deserve you?,” he stuttered. 

When Daniel butted in and said Peter needed to go to hospital, Carla begged Peter to hurry up.

“I just want to savour this moment. You know Carla, first time I saw you…” he said, trailing off as he began to wobble on the spot.

Panicking, Carla said: “Okay, the official bit. I'll go first.”

Peter and Carla then read out their vows and looked relieved as they were declared legally married. 

Disaster struck, however, as they returned to the cobbles and were met by their cheering friends and family. 

As Peter stepped out of the car, he keeled over and fell splat on the cobbles as Carla cried out his name. 

Corrie fans were left fearing the worst for Peter and flocked to Twitter to express their concern. 

One said: "Omg Peter please tell me he doesn't die."

Another said: "I hope Peter isn't getting killed off. He's not leaving is he?!"

A third added: "They'd better not kill Peter off" with a gif of Donald Duck saying No Way!"

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