Chris Pine jokes about Outlaw King nude scene on Graham Norton

Chris Pine knows that you know he has a full-frontal nude scene in Netflix’s Outlaw King. You know how he knows? Because he saw your tweets about his penis. Yes! Your tweets.

If you ever wanted to watch Pine blush his way through a conversation about “the full Monty” with Sally Field sitting by his side, then take a peek at the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show.

“There’s a scene in the film where I bare the full Monty and, yeah, that seemed to get a lot of attention,” Pine confirmed to Norton. Amid questions from Field and fellow couch guest Rami Malek about what exactly “the fully Monty” entails, Pine got in on the fun and joked, “Different strokes for different folks, as it were.”

Then, as Norton read aloud some tweets about that scene, Pine revealed he’s read the tweets all before. “Oh yeah,” he confirmed to Field. “They’re F-in’ brutal.”

Everyone else will be able to see Pine’s crown jewels, too, when Netflix premieres Outlaw King on Nov. 9.

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