Chris Packham answers why we might be hearing more birds during lockdown

Chris Packham has answered whether there are more birds around since lockdown began.

The presenter noted that people may be hearing a lot more birdsong in recent weeks as more people stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Appearing on This Morning on Thursday, he was asked why we may be noticing a lot more birds and wildlife.

Presenter Ruth Langsford said: ‘So many of us are saying, “Was the bird song always this loud or are we just noticing it? Are we taking time to stop and smell the roses?”‘

Chris explained that the reduced road traffic might have led to the sounds of birds being more noticeable.

He replied: ‘I think it’s the latter. It’s that extra five minutes when people are in natural spaces. People are taking time to think “Oh what birdsong is that?”

‘It’s sounding louder because there’s no traffic. People are looking at flowers they’ve walked past for years.

‘Wherever people are they are taking time to realise nature does give respite and solace from this terrible tragedy.’

Chris appeared with his stepdaughter Megan on the show, and the pair are fronting the new series of Springwatch.

This time around Michaela Strachan won’t be appearing, as she has to remain in South Africa – where she lives – during lockdown.

Chris said: ‘We’re missing her, she’s an integral part of the show, esp when we’re bouncing off one another.

‘Michaela is still in South Africa and we are hoping she will be back for Autumnwatch.’

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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