Chris Evans will quit drinking for Sober October but only if he can have Friday nights off he tells Virgin Radio listeners – The Sun

CHRIS Evans has declared he is quitting drinking for Sober October – but only if he can take Friday nights off.

The 53-year-old Virgin Radio breakfast show star said he's not willing to give up glasses of red wine at the end of the week and claims the system has a loophole.

Speaking to a listener who was doing the challenge today, he said: "I am tempted to join you on this actually. I just fear my Friday night, that's all.

"You can buy days off, can't you? You can go onto the Stoptober website and you can buy days off by donating money to charity. Let's investigate that, shall we?"

Later, he added: "I am very tempted to do the challenge – but I just love a glass of red wine on a Friday night.

"I know it's only one glass of red wine and if I'm already focused at quarter to eight on a Friday night I may have a problem. I know that.

"I'll definitely give it a go… till then. I'll give myself four days of a chance. Maybe I'll go for some hypnosis or something."

The Sober October website does indeed offer participants a loophole whereby they can drink during the challenge – by donating to Macmillan Cancer Support.

It explains: "The Golden Ticket entitles you to a night off from your Go Sober challenge.

"You can buy one for yourself or sweet talk a mate into getting you one for a minimum £15 donation."

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