Chloe Ferry reveals she’s put on ‘nearly a stone’ in four weeks – The Sun

CHLOE Ferry has told fans that she is excited to head back to the gym are putting on "nearly a stone" in just four weeks.

Chloe, 24, has spent most of November filming the new series of Geordie Shore and it appears the hard boozing and partying has come at a price.

While lying in bed after taking a nap, Chloe told her fans that she is about to kick-start her exercise regime again having gained almost 14lbs.

The blonde Geordie said: "I can't wait to get to the gym tomorrow, I cannot believe I've put nearly a stone on in four weeks.

"Get back to the gym, get my nails done and have a spa day…just feel human again."

She added:  "I just had a nap there.

"It's weird having loads of naps through the day. Obviously I'm trying to catch up on sleep I've lost from filming."

This summer, Chloe – who has spent £50,000 on cosmetic surgery – transformed her figure by following a drastic diet.

But she later revealed the meal plan, of just "three boiled eggs", left her "starving".

More worryingly, the star has also confessed in the past that she is "addicted" to losing weight.

In 2016, Chloe lost two stone in just eight weeks and said: "I think when you start to see how much you've improved, that's when you start to get really addicted to it.

"So when I started to see the difference that I'd lost weight that's when I started to get addicted to it and I just want to keep going."

Meanwhile, Chloe certainly made an impact while filming the forthcoming series of Geordie Shore.

On one particularly raucous night out earlier this month, the reality star was spotted rowing with her cast mates. 

Producers were even forced to split up some members of the cast as Chloe started shouting inside a minibus taking the cast home.

Chloe, who will appear on the new series as a single girl following her split from co-star Sam Gowan, has also recently returned from a break away in Dubai.

During the last night of her trip, the blonde star was snapped laughing as she took a tumble and almost fell out of her dress.

The scenes came just days after Chloe sparked concern among fans, who branded her latest lip fillers "way too much".

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