Charlie Stayt forced to apologise to guest after awkward slip-up ‘Always getting it wrong’

Naga Munchetty grills professor on response to Omicron variant

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 On Thursday’s BBC Breakfast, BBC hosts Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty were back on the red sofa to deliver the latest headlines. During the programme, the duo discussed a range of topics and spoke with a number of guests including Sylvia Pope, also known to many as Nana Baubles.

Appearing via video link, Sylvia spoke with the hosts from her living room which was covered from floor to ceiling in festive decorations.

Introducing the segment, Naga began: “We are going to introduce you to, Nana Baubles.”

“Good morning, Nana,” Charlie chipped in as he welcomed the guest to the show.

“We should introduce you properly, your real name is Sylvia Page and you’re in Swansea.”

“No, no, no,” Sylvia hit back as she corrected the host. “It’s Sylvia Pope.”

Stepping in to apologise for his slip-up, a red-faced Charlie said: “Sorry, that was my mistake, you’re quite right.

“Thank you for putting me right. As always, I am getting things wrong and people putting me right.

“Can I be the first to say, that is a lot of baubles on your ceiling?”

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