Charity's revenge as Mack and Chloe's baby secret is exposed in Emmerdale

As we wait patiently for Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Chloe Harris’ (Jessie Elland) secret to be revealed, an oblivious Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is busy planning her wedding in Emmerdale.

Said secret, of course, is that Chloe is pregnant with Mack’s child following a one-night stand last year.

Putting the affair behind him was a plan that didn’t last long for Mackenzie, as Chloe’s pregnancy journey has now led her to living with him, Charity and Sarah (Katie Hill).

Desperate to keep Charity happy, Mack is busy helping with wedding preparation in upcoming episodes and let’s not forget this will be a Dingle wedding – it’s not going to be quiet and peaceful.

As the past catches up with Mack, it’s only a matter of time before his secret explodes, but how will Charity react to this massive betrayal?

A spokesperson for the show teased: ‘With his relationship with Charity in a better place than it’s ever been, Charity and Mack have a big Dingle wedding to look forward to.

‘But the past has a habit of catching up with you and it’s only a matter of time before this baby bombshell explodes in Mack’s face.

‘With the revelation that the love of her life cheated on her, could we see Charity revert to the old her and press the self-destruct button?’

Show boss Jane Hudson went on to confirm Charity will definitely find out; and the huge consequences will carry through into 2024.

‘I shouldn’t imagine they’ll be able to stay together if and when it does come out,’ Emma Atkins admitted recently, discussing whether Mack and Charity could stay together after the secret is revealed.

‘That’s a shame in a way as I love working with Lawrence. But who knows, maybe she would find it in her to forgive him. But at this point in time I can’t see that happening because Charity has put all of her trust in him. So when it does come out I think it will be such a shock. And the word shock is probably going to be the understatement of the year.’

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