Casualty theory: Paige Allcott’s lover unveiled as heartbreaking secret finally exposed

Casualty: Charles Venn discusses coercive control storyline

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Paige (played by Shalisha James-Davis) made her first appearance on Casualty at the beginning of the year and ever since, details of her personal life have been kept under wraps. Back in February, the character vanished from the BBC drama as Dylan Keogh (William Beck) explained to his colleagues she needed to take some time off. Upon her return to the television show, she has become a much more timid medical professional but Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) might be her knight in shining armour.

In scenes which will air during Saturday night’s episode, it will be revealed Rash has developed a crush on his work colleague, Paige.

Although she is flattered when he asks her out for a drink, Paige turns him down as she tells him now is not the right time for her.

This will be the biggest hint to date something is going on in her personal life, away from the walls of the Holby City hospital.

Rash does not pry and leaves her to it but they are brought back together when they end up working to help a patient in Resus.

The woman begins to arrest and baffled by what is happening, Paige seems to stumble through the situation whilst Rash is on top form.

After they manage to get the patient under control, Paige rushes to the toilets and breaks down as she fears she cannot do the job she trained for.

Knowing she has to face her team, the junior doctor makes her way to the staff room where Rash is ready to speak with her.

Offering her a shoulder to cry on, Rash listens as Paige finally reveals her secret that she is grieving the loss of her mother.

It will transpire her mother died six weeks ago, which will explain why she was absent from proceedings for so long.

She has been trying to keep on top of her emotions at work but she admits to her colleague she is struggling and can no longer hide her sadness.

She does have such a big heart

Shalisha James-Davis

Trying to think of solutions to the matter, Rash tells her to speak with Dylan about her grief and he could possibly give her some more time off.

However, she doesn’t want to be on her own at the moment and tells Rash the best place for her is at work where she can keep busy.

Rash agrees to keep an eye on her but later on, in Resus, it is Paige who needs to help her friend when he is stabbed by a patient.

This only happened because Rash jumped in when he could see his colleague was in danger but she helps to treat his wound as a way of expressing her gratitude.

She starts to reconsider whether she should go out for a drink with Rash as they share a tender moment after the dramatic events of the day.

By the end of the shift, the pair share a passionate kiss as it seems they are going to become a lot more than friends.

Having not had a romance since she started at the hospital and with Rash not having a relationship in some time, they could find happiness with each other.

Rash would be able to help Paige more if he was her boyfriend as she would be able to talk to him about a lot more personal matters.

It might make work a bit trickier as they could be told not to show too much affection in the Emergency Department as they have to remain professional.

After they have both been through so much, will the romance be what they both need and is Paige hiding anything else?

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In an interview ahead of joining the cast, the actress who plays Paige, Shalisha, explained drama would be on the horizon for her character.

The actress said: “Paige is a junior doctor. It’s her first year and it’s her first professional job.

“My first impressions of Paige, I was a bit like, ‘Wow, she’s a doctor and she’s acting this wild. She’s not serious’.

“But she does have such a big heart and I think that’s important as a doctor,” she continued before talking about her character’s relationship with Stevie.

“I think with her mentor, there’s a difference between being like someone who is sucking up and someone that has such a drive to be really good and just do everything properly and to the best that she can.

“She’s really cool and I think she exudes positive energy and a [real] love for life that can sometimes cloud a lot of reality.”

“And I think that’s where it can get a little bit sticky for Paige but I love her and I think she’s great,” she told What to Watch.

Taking to Twitter, viewers have been sharing their thoughts on the character, with Jimmy writing: “Seriously, what is the deal with Paige in #Casualty?

“She disappeared for 10 episodes after being there for five weeks, came back for one, and hasn’t been in the last three. Like, will we ever actually get an explanation or will it just be ignored?”

Whereas Vicki added: “Who else ships these two, Paige and Rash?”

So could the couple become fan favourites together?

Casualty continues tonight at 8:50pm on BBC One.

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