Casualty spoilers: Noel Garcia left distraught after fatal mistake with head injury patient

NOEL Garcia’s world comes crashing down this Saturday in Casualty when he makes a fatal mistake with a patient who presents herself with a head injury.

Casualty’s final episode before the soap goes off-air will see pensioner Teri pass away after leaving the hospital when Noel fails to inform her of the triage process.

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Casualty viewers know that Connie has been dismissing Noel’s concerns that he’s overwhelmed with tasks on the receptionist desk over the past few months.

And yet again in scenes set to air this Saturday, Noel finds himself juggling a number of demanding responsibilities in his job as an ED receptionist. 

The upcoming scenes will see Noel do his best to stay patient, despite the mounting number of menial tasks on his plate.

Viewers will see Noel do his best to storm through his tasks, but grow increasingly distracted by the constant queue in the reception. 

Struggling to manage the busy area, a frantic Noel ends up making a huge mistake when pensioner Teri presents herself with a head injury.

Disaster strikes when Noel forgets to inform Teri of the triage process, meaning she gets the wrong end of the stick and assumes she’ll have to wait three hours to be seen. 

Unable to wait for such a long time, Teri leaves the hospital and heads to collect her granddaughter instead.

Noticing that Teri has scarpered, Noel worries about her head wound and heads out to find her. 

Noel is relieved when he manages to convince Teri to return to the ED, but his relief is short-lived when her heart suddenly fails. 

Noel is left distraught when he realises she has passed away, kicking himself for letting her slip away from the hospital.

Later, Will does his best to calm Noel down and convince him the incident wasn’t his fault, but Noel is unsettled further when he learns there will be an inquest into Teri’s death. 

Could Noel be in big trouble?

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