Caroline Quentin worried she'll wee on Strictly partner Johannes as her 'bladder isn't what it used to be'

CAROLINE Quentin revealed she not only fears her dance partner Johannes Radebe dropping her – but weeing on him too.

The Men Behaving Badly star has been wowing judges and audiences with her incredible moves on Strictly Come Dancing.

And the actress, 60, has proved she has nerves of steel performing, having earning 21 points last weekend for her Paso Doble.

Yet, Caroline joked that she worries about being dropping by her professional dance partner – and her weak bladder kicking in.

Speaking to heat magazine about their blossoming friendship, she revealed: "You know when you laugh a lot and you go physically quite weak?

"What I mustn’t do is make him laugh before he’s about to lift me, because I don’t want him to drop me!"

"What he doesn’t know is that, at my age, I have quite a weak bladder," she added.

"If I laugh too much, he might pay the price, put it that way!"

Last month, Caroline "collapsed" backstage following gruelling rehearsals.

The TV star looked shattered after completing a full day of dance training ahead of her Paso Doble last Saturday.

Professional dancer Johannes shared a snap of the star sprawled out on a pink velvet chair enjoying a well-deserved nap.

He joked: "I think I've killed @quentyquestions #pasodoble #week2 @bbcstrictly."

Earlier in the day the 60-year-old star shared a cheeky clip of her struggling in rehearsals.

Speaking to the camera, she said: "Make it stop, please make it stop. Oh no! He's coming back."

Caroline's hilarious video left her fans in hysterics, with one writing: "Oh dear! I expect you feel like you have been run over by a steam roller! It will be worth the effort! Smash it! Xx"

Another added: "U got this! Xxxx."

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