Brooke Blurton Responds to ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Controversy – ‘Just Because I’m With Darvid Doesn’t Mean My Attraction to Women Just Stops’

When Brooke Blurton confessed her love to Darvid Garayeli, fans were happy to see the couple take their relationship to the next level. Although it was a joyous occasion, Blurton’s final choice garnered a lot of backlash from The Bachelorette Australia viewers. The 26-year-old youth worker recently opened up about the backlash from Bachelor Nation, saying she was “frustrated” at the “level of biphobia” she witnessed after choosing Darvid.

Brooke Blurton picked Darvid Garayeli in the season finale

In the final ceremony, Brooke Blurton proclaimed her love for contestant Darvid Garayeli. Brooke finally told Darvid that she was “madly in love” with him during the final ceremony. While in tears, she said, “From the moment I met you, I felt a lot of feelings. I felt that instant chemistry and connection I never, ever felt with anyone before. You came in here, and you granted me three wishes, and I still have one left. Darvid, will you make me the happiest girl?”

From their very first meeting on the red carpet, Brooke and Darvid had an undeniable connection. When Darvid swept the Bachelorette off her feet and won the First Impression Rose, their bond continued to blossom. He made such a lasting impression that he secured the first one-on-one date in the season. 

As the season progressed, Darvid’s feelings for Brooke grew stronger. During the finale ceremony, he opened up about his feelings for her. “I genuinely have known for the first moment I met you, it was going to be the start of something special,” Darvid told Brooke. “I want you to always feel loved, and always feel supported.”

The Bachelorette Australia lead received backlash for choosing a male contestant

When the Bachelorette Australia lead chose Darvid Garayeli, some viewers were unhappy. Since Brooke made history as the first bisexual Bachelorette, she faced backlash for picking a man. In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, the former lead shared she received a lot of backlash on social media. 

“[People online] write this horrible comment, and you’re like, ‘You have no idea, and you’re just making a snap judgments on our relationship already.’ It’s just disappointing to see,” she explained. 

Brooke continued, “I read a couple of comments, and it was like, I think these people just don’t get the meaning of bisexual, which is an attraction to male and female. I just was really frustrated with the level of biphobia that was happening.”

Blurton talks about the backlash she received from the LGBTQ community

While some fans supported the new couple, they received a lot of backlash from the LGBTQ community on social media. During the interview, Brooke confessed she was “disheartened” by the hurtful comments online.

“I really opened myself up this season and showed so much vulnerability in doing it, and I did it bloody proudly. I loved it,” Brooke revealed. “And I’m still friggin’ bisexual! Just because I’m with Darvid doesn’t mean my attraction to women just stops.”

Brooke went on to say that the comments were surprising and heartbreaking to read. “It was pretty disheartening to read [the online comments],” she added. “Being such a big groundbreaking TV series, people obviously wanted a certain result, so I get that.”

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