Bradley and Barney Walsh hit back at ‘outrage’ over ITV’s Breaking Dad ‘It’s tough’

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Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad continued on ITV on Monday as The Chase presenter and his son headed to Hungary. To discuss the instalment, the father and son appeared on The One Show but were left surprised when the BBC hosts explained their show had left fans of theirs “outraged”.

Jermaine noted: “The viewers have been in touch tonight about this and there’s a bit of outrage actually about a particular part of the show. 

“Ian has written in to say, ‘It’s a great series but why only half an hour?’”

“We need to make it an hour show,” Jermaine added.

“That’s to do with the length of the slot that’s purely and simply to do with the length of the slot,” Bradley replied. 

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“Because it’s a travel show we get allocated a half-hour slot, that’s the slot it has to fit in.”

Barney added: “Yeah it’s true and we get up to a lot of stuff. 

“It’s tough to cram what we do into the slot and not everything we do makes the show. 

“But we’ve done four seasons now, we’ve done a Christmas show and we did an ‘extras’ bit showing clips that missed out from season three.”

“Let’s extend it a bit for next season,” Jermaine suggested. 

Alex warned: “Any more though Bradley and you’d have more challenges so maybe you should quit while you’re ahead.”

“I was going to say any longer and any more I would be bang in trouble,” The Chase host replied. 

“I’ve had so many nine lives I’m like a cat.”

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In Monday’s instalment of Breaking Dad, the actor and his son enjoyed a spot of high-speed catamaran sailing with an Olympic crew on Lake Balaton.

Barney treated his dad to some authentic Hungarian goulash before the pair met a world-famous escapologist.

During the series, Bradley is tasked with several challenges organised by his son. 

The One Show’s Jermaine asked the actor’s son: “Does what you [plan] depend on how [Bradley] has behaved?

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“If he’s annoyed you that day do you go off-piste a little bit?”

Barney replied: “I don’t want to break him emotionally or physically.

“I want to push him out of his comfort zone. His comfort zone is sitting in front of the telly, watching the same film over and over again with a cup of tea and I want to go, ‘Come on dad there’s a lot to do out there.’”

Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad continues on ITV on Monday at 8pm. The One Show airs on BBC One on weekdays at 7pm.

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