Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski were 'smitten' on concert date as rumors fly she's in an 'open marriage' with husband

Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend Nicole Poturalski appeared "smitten" with each other at a concert date, according to an eyewitness, as it's been claimed she is in a open marriage with one of the actor's friends.

Journalist and best-selling author of Winner Takes All, Christina Binkley, revealed exclusively to The Sun she had a front row seat to watch the rumored lovebirds connect at Kanye West's concert at the Hollywood Bowl back in November.

She got to watch Brad and his new love, German model Nicole, 27, eye-balling each other, and said it seemed they were still getting to know one another.

Brad and Nicole allegedly met in August 2019 at her 68-year-old husband Roland Mary's restaurant in Berlin, celeb hotspot Borchardt.

Christina told The US Sun: "We were there for hours because Kanye was late, I'd been backstage with him and came out to my seat as Brad and the group were arriving."

"I was sitting one box away from Brad and the girl at the concert.

"I would never have remembered it except they both looked really happy and smitten.

"They didn't behave 'together' – there was no touching.

"He had arrived with the group, and there was talk he was dating the actress [Alia Shakwat, who arrived with them]."

But Christina says the Oscar winner, 56, appeared to only have eyes for Nicole as they were pictured staring at each other and whispering in-between songs. 

She added: "It seemed they were two people who had just met recently, they were a little shy and the sparks were flying.

"It stuck with me because they both looked thrilled in a very sweet way."

Brad is said to have first met Nicole when he was in Germany promoting Oscar-winning film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Sources close to the model have claimed she "passed him her number" after they were introduced, and she later connected with him while she was in LA for work.

However, the insider added that Roland, the father of her young son, "is a very philosophical guy" and "is not interested in negativity or jealousy."

The source told the Daily Mail: "They are still married but you could describe their relationship as an 'open marriage.'"

Things have been heating up ever since for the mom-of-one, who is based in Berlin, and was spotted “cuddling” with Brad on a private jet this week, according to reports.

Brad took the jet from Los Angeles to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport where he met Nicole.

The two then flew on to the smaller terminal near Marseilles; 30 miles away is Brad’s French home, Chateau Miraval, which he owns with ex, Angelina, and has reportedly been a serious bone of contention in their divorce.

Brunette Nicole, who has been dubbed a young Angelina, is signed with various modelling agencies, including Next model management in LA. She was scouted during a visit to Disneyland Paris.

Nicole's profile on A Management says that if she could have a superpower she would be able to "travel in time so I can visit all those amazing and historic events myself including the future."

To add to her impressive resume, Nicole also speaks five languages and founded an organization to help sharks.

The Sun has contacted Brad's rep for comment.

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