‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Friday, October 12: Ridge & Brooke’s Secrets Revealed

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, October 12 states that Bill (Don Diamont) kissed Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) just as Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was opening the door. She immediately closed the door and backed away. Brooke told Bill that she was in love with her husband, and that he should not have kissed her. She admonished him and told him that it could never happen again. Bill told her that she brought out the best in him — and walked out the office.

Katie (Heather Tom) thanked Ridge for his support during the custody battle for Will (Finnegan George). Ridge was glad to have helped her and Thorne because his brother would be a great stepdad to Will. After Katie left, he phoned Judge McMullen (Joe Lando) because he was furious that he told Brooke about their involvement. They agreed that nobody else should find out about their collusion, because they could end up in serious trouble.

Steffy joined her stepmother, and wanted to know how Brooke supporting Bill was affecting her marriage to Ridge. Brooke didn’t want to speak about her marriage to Steffy’s father. Steffy said that she loved her father — and asked Brooke if there was anything that she wanted to tell her. Brooke brushed her off, but thanked Steffy for showing an interest, according to She Knows Soaps.

According to Soap Central, Brooke and Katie were debating Judge McMullen’s decision to award custody to her. She then swore Katie to secrecy — and told her that Ridge had wanted revenge on Bill, and had manipulated the judge into ruling against Bill. She then told Katie that she had also been blindsided by her husband, and didn’t know that Ridge and Judge McMullen had known each other for years. She told her sister that Ridge was behind the custody decision. Bold and the Beautiful recaps state that Katie was floored.

Ridge noticed that Steffy seemed a little off. When she told him that she had seen Brooke, he assumed that the two had argued. She said that she had not always liked Brooke, and that she had a history of only thinking of herself. She then asked her father if he was ready to hear a difficult thing. He said yes, and he understood that it was a hard thing for Steffy to do. She then told him that she had seen Brooke and Bill kissing. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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