Bob is tempted by a night with Bernice after Wendy's affair reveal in Emmerdale

Wendy (Susan Cookson) and Liam’s (Jonny McPherson) affair has already been rumbled by Victoria because of their cavalier attitudes to doing the dirty. Wendy is so relaxed about how she acts around Liam, perhaps she wants to get found out in Emmerdale.

Despite pressure from Victoria (Isabel Hodgins), Wendy has refused to cave and cancel her sexual encounters with the local GP because it’s just too damn fun, but she has also refused to put Bob (Tony Audenshaw) out of his misery. She’s having her cake and eating it, but someone is about to take that cake and smush it in her face.

While Wendy’s life teeters on the edge of being blown apart, Liam has nothing to lose and surprises her with a naughty night away. Though Wendy’s guilty, she doesn’t say no, and instead calls Bob to say she’ll see him tomorrow.

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Bob is miffed, he knows something is amiss and when he offloads to Bernice (Samantha Giles), she reveals the sordid details of how Liam and Wendy’s relationship has gone beyond a working one.

Bob is stunned to the point he thinks Bernice is telling a whopper. He turns on her and refuses to believe such tosh about his beloved. But Bob’s in denial as Bernice’s suspicions are confirmed when she sees Wendy jump in the car with Liam.

Bob is later having a chat with Bear (Joshua Richards) when he subtly raises concerns about Liam’s behaviour. Bear unwittingly breaks Bob’s heart by revealing he believes Liam has a fancy woman on the side. The penny is dropping for Bob, who, troubled, heads off to make a call.

When he next sees Bernice, he confesses he now knows about the affair – he called the hotel who confirmed their booking. As reality sinks in for Bob, he is unaware that Wendy is in said hotel calling off her affair with Liam in favour of Bob, leaving the doc devastated and alone in his room.

It’s too little too late. A crestfallen Bob is being comforted by Bernice; he’s vulnerable and falling into her arms.

Will he spend the night with her in revenge?

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