Blue Lights viewers spot major blunder in first episode of BBC drama

Blue Lights: PC Grace Ellis drops Angela home

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On Monday night, BBC One’s brand new crime drama kicked off which explored the challenges faced by the police in Northern Ireland. Following the journey of three rookies across six episodes, viewers were quick to spot one error with the main character Grace Ellis (played by Sian Brooke).

During the episode rookie Grace, who decided to leave her job as a social worker to join the police, tries to help Angela (Valene Kane).

BBC viewers learnt Angela’s son had fallen in with a notorious gang after he crashed a stolen car which belonged to gang leader James McIntyre (John Lynch).

As Grace explained the criminal was on the terrorism and organised crime watchlist, it wasn’t long before she realised her son was in danger.

With it becoming clear Angela was hiding more than she was letting on, viewers later saw her brandishing a knife at her neighbours in the street.

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Although the police were told her behaviour was a set-up to lure them in, Grace refused to leave and managed to calm her down with the mum being arrested.

However, at the police station, she was released after being called out of bounds due to her son’s gang connections.

When walking home in the rain, Grace decided to offer her a lift home in her Audi, which although she was hesitant at first agreed.

While the two women were in the car, they spoke about what was happening with her son, although fans were quick to spot an error.

Initially, Angela got into an Audi when picked up by the officer, but when inside the logo on the steering wheel showed it to be another make of car.

Ukrubberstamper said: “#bluelights – Towards the end one minute it’s an Audi in the rain next minute they are in a Skoda, then when you see it drive off it’s an Audi again! That was a second-rate afternoon show at best. Not good @BBCOne”

JohnSco70858790 added: “BlueLights. So picked up in an Audi. Which turns out to be a Skoda on the drop off…tv bloopers at its best.”

Ollie_olly_olly commented: “Inside the car is a Skoda but outside it’s a Audi”

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GuyMegson tweeted: “#bbc #bluelights S1 E1 end drops her off in a Skoda but arrives home in an Audi – nice #continuity”

Steveburnstone said: “One minute she’s driving an Audi, next it’s a Skoda …????”

Mat34433998 swiped: “Picks her up in an Audi and a few minutes later drops her off in a Skoda!!! Basic Stuff”

A synopsis for the upcoming episode teases the team is faced with more issues all related to the drug rings in Belfast.

It reads: “The team scrambles to deal with a series of mysterious emergencies across the city, all stemming from a bad batch of drugs.

“The McIntyre gang soon realise the crisis can be traced back to one of their young drug runners, has been selling drugs outside of their area, so race to cover their tracks.

“Annie receives terrifying news that has her wondering who she can trust even within her own community.”

Blue Lights continues Mondays on BBC One from 9pm.

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