Big House Clear Out’s Nick Knowles breaks down over death of star’s husband ‘Choking up’

Channel 5: Nick Knowles' Big House Clearout

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Big House Clear Out star Nick Knowles and his team help people across Britain to declutter their homes by taking all of their belongings and assembling them in a warehouse to be sorted, while the building team go into the house to make improvements. However, viewers of the Channel 5 reality show were in for a tear-jerking episode when the host broke down after helping Sarah, the widow of a veteran, to find a fitting place for her late husband’s military collection. 

During Thursday’s instalment, the DIY guru was tasked to transform Sarah’s home after her late husband Trevor, who had died at the age of 55, had left behind a huge legacy of military memorabilia.

Sarah, who couldn’t bring herself to part with the items, was in desperate need of support. 

In memory of Trevor, who had died of a fatal heart attack in Dubai, Nick had suggested UK charity Forgotten Veterans could house the items, which moved the host to tears. 

A representative from the charity then explained: “With your permission, we would love to have a photo of your husband and some of the history of his service career. 

“So when the vulnerable veterans come through, they can actually look at your husband as an inspiration to keep going in life.”

Sarah, who was tearing up, smiled: “That would be nice.”

Responding to the gesture, Nick burst into tears, revealing: “You’ve got me choking up now.”

Both Nick and Sarah comforted each other with a hug and got to work on her decluttering task. 

Later in the programme, after 30 boxes of clutter had been taken from the house, viewers saw the finished project with Sarah’s home looking immaculate and modern, a far cry from its original state. 

Nick introduced the star to her brand new “sewing sanctuary”, which had originally been set up in her garage. 

The new room had been carefully organised to house her materials and craft pieces along with a suitable space to store her three sewing machines. 

Her youngest daughter Hermione’s room, which had once been described as “busy”, had also been planned with care, facilitating plenty of playroom for her child to enjoy. 

After the big reveal, Sarah, her daughter Stevie, and Nick popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the changes. 

The 59-year-old told the homeowners: “Things have changed in just a few days, haven’t they?”

The TV presenter went on to add: “We’ve done a lot to the house, you did a lot to your stuff. 

“But the most obvious change to me is actually in your eyes and your faces,” he said in reference to their smiles. 

“You look happy, smiling, looking forward,” Nick said as Stevie agreed: “Yeah, definitely.”

Sarah followed with: “It’s clearing space, isn’t it? It clears your mind at the same time.”

“It feels as though a big weight has been lifted,” Stevie remarked. 

Nick turned to Sarah and asked: “Do you see a way forward for you too?”

“I do, it’s going to be hard,” she said as her eyes filled up with tears, adding: “But, I do.”

Big House Clear Out airs Thursday on Channel 5 at 8pm

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