Better Call Saul Officially Reveals Premiere Date for Final Season — Were the Internet Sleuths Right?

It pays to look closely. Better Call Saul fans proved that this week, deciphering the premiere date for the AMC drama’s sixth and final season before it was officially announced.

Season 6 will debut Monday, April 18 at 9/8c, just about two years after it last aired, AMC confirmed on Thursday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. But eagle-eyed viewers already guessed the date, based on a clue in a teaser for the new season released on Monday. In the teaser, the Cousins walk through a crime scene where a worker has laid out evidence tags that read “D” and “R.” D is the fourth letter in the alphabet, and April is the fourth month of the year, while R is the 18th letter in the alphabet. Hence: April 18!

AMC has also confirmed that the final 13 episodes will roll out in two parts, with the first seven episodes beginning in April and culminating with the series’ final six episodes beginning Monday, July 11.

In case you forgot where we left off: Jimmy and Kim hatched a plan to frame their nemesis Howard for a crime so the Sandpiper lawsuit would have to be settled and Jimmy would get a $2 million cut of the settlement, and Gus and Nacho conspired to assassinate Lalo, only Lalo survived the ambush — and now he knows Nacho tried to have him killed. (Uh-oh.)

Alright, Better Call Saul fans: What are you hoping to see in the final season? Drop your predictions, theories and dream scenarios in a comment below.

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