'Below Deck' Great Gatsby Party Leads To This Unprecedented and Most Explosive Moment This Season

What began as a fun theme-dinner with the captain, ended with Captain Lee Rosbach bouncing guests from a Below Deck yacht due to dangerous behavior.

While Rosbach has ended another charter early, he did not do it while enraged over a guest’s behavior. The group of photographers during episode 1, season 1 had their charter cut short when a stew found drugs in their cabin. Rosbach turned the boat around and calmly told the guests he had a no-tolerance drug policy. They left without incident.

But this time, viewers will witness Rosbach’s wrath when a drunk charter guest decides to go for a swim during dinner. Not only does she refuse to get out of the water, but she also taunts Rosbach. Previews show what leads up to the evening, which should have been a fun and playful night on the boat.

Chef Rachel created an inventive ‘Great Gatsby’ themed party for the guests

Chef Rachel Hargrove designs a special dinner for the guests that includes sweet potato tater tot waffles. “I love theme parties,” she explains in a preview clip confessional. “But what is Great Gatsby? Is it Leonardo DiCaprio dancing around?” She laughed. “I don’t know, anyway …”

“To me the roaring ’20s dinner is shenanigans,” she remarks. “Something different. The bigger the better. And the more over the top I love it. I mean, I would sign up for that.”

The guests and Rosbach are seen getting ready for dinner with many of the guests wearing 1920’s inspired outfits. The guest who is later seen in the water is already indulging and sipping champagne in her cabin. In the bridge, bosun Eddie Lucas admires Rosbach’s boots. “Those boots man, they just make it,” he says.

Things turn sour at some point that night

Previews show a lively party on the way. But another clip shows how the party ends with Rosbach terminating the charter. At some point, one of the guests “Dolores” ends up standing on the swim platform. Rosbach is seen standing on deck saying, “No” because he knows what she is planning to do.

Rosbach curses after the guest dives into the water. He is now furious. “Dolores diving into the water is the ultimate f**k you to the captain,” Rosbach says in a confessional. “She’s drunk, it’s dark, I don’t need somebody jeopardizing their own life on my watch,” as he talks, cameras capture the guest swimming away in the dark ocean. “That is not f**king going to happen.”

The remaining guests remain at the table, worried Rosbach won’t “like” them anymore. Meanwhile, he goes down to the swim platform to demand that the guest gets out of the water immediately. Her response? “Can I have some bacon?” She then reminds him that she’s the customer and has paid for this vacation. “I don’t give a sh*t what you paid,” he barks back at her.

Rosbach then returns to the other guests still sitting at the table. “I hate to tell you this, but your charter is over,” he says. “She’s in the water. She’s drunk. And she won’t come out. We’re going to head back to the dock because I’m not putting up with this.”

Below Deck is on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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