Behold: The 'Welcome to Chippendales' Episode Guide and Release Schedule

If you’ve been waiting for Welcome to Chippendales to drop, then I’m happy to report that you don’t have to wait much longer. Or… at all, actually. The first two episodes of the show came out on November 22, giving us the first lil’ taste of what’s to come on the drama-filled show.

In case you’re not familiar, Welcome to Chippendales is Hulu’s newest series, and it is, very obviously, about Chippendales. Specifically, it’s about how the business first started. The origin story of how multiple troupes of muscly exotic dancers ended up popping up all around the world sounds interesting enough by itself, but lemme tell ya, this story is even more wild than you could imagine. There’s shady business dealings, even shadier characters, and…murder?!? (And yes, ok, there are really hot guys too!)

So with a killer story (pun intended) and a top-notch cast on board to make it come to life, this is one show you should 100 percent make time for. To help you do exactly that, here’s a break down of the Welcome to Chippendales episode release schedule, for your viewing pleasure.

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Here’s the release schedule for Welcome to Chippendales:

The first two episodes of Welcome to Chippendales came out on November 22. New episodes will drop weekly each Tuesday until the season wraps up on January 3, 2023. Now open up that calendar app quick, because you’re gonna want to mark down the release dates;

Will there be more episodes? Or a season 2?

Alright, so even though we’re getting eight episodes, I can already hear you asking, “Are there more?!?” Unfortunately the answer is that Welcome to Chippendales is a limited series so these eight episodes are most likely all fans will get (womp womp). But that just means you’ll have to savor each one… and maybe rewatch them all once the season’s done next year.

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