BBC viewers slam ‘joke’ interview as Angela Rayner ‘refuses’ to answer questions

Angela Rayner refuses to commit to state pensions triple lock

BBC Breakfast viewers have slammed Angela Rayner’s interview as the Labour MP seemed to avoid answering direct questions.

The newly appointed Shadow Deputy Prime Minister spoke to host Sally Nugent, who quickly mentioned the possible eight percent rise in the state pension.

Nugent asked: “One of the key issues of the day today, overall wages have increased by around eight per cent, a really important figure there.

“Now, this could then mean an increase of eight per cent on the state pension because of the triple lock, do you support that?”

Replying, Rayner said: “The challenge we face at the moment is whilst we talk about the figure around wage, but actually people’s wages, they’ve not seen that increase over 13 years.

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“They’ve seen their bills increase, we’ve seen mortgages, rents, energy prices, food prices. So people don’t feel better off at the moment.”

However, the BBC Breakfast host reiterated her previous question to ask whether or not she supported the eight percent on the state pension because of the triple lock.

Nugent repeated: “Do you support that?” to which Rayner replied: “Once again, the Tories when they got to power-

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Getting frustrated by the MP avoiding answering the question, Nugent interrupted her mid-sentence and asked once again: “No, do you support that?”

Rayner continued: “They promised that they would keep the triple lock, they’ve got to keep to that, they’re in government.”

Although it seemed as though viewers were furious with the Labour MP for not answering the questions directly.

@SueStee61991647 fumed: “Angela Rayner, BBC breakfast, what a joke. Can’t answer a straightforward question. They’re getting rid of the triple lock.”

@SaulStaniforth added: “Angela Rayner repeatedly refuses to say if Labour supports the triple lock on pensions.”

@SonOfTheWinds reeled: “Angela Rayner did not answer a single question and sounded like a broken record. UNFUNDED COMMITMENTS ?? What does that mean? Do you mean Un-costed WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DOLLY!!” (sic)

@PhilScottMRTPI tweeted: “Didn’t answer @sallynugent first three attempts at a simple straight question. Kept just saying parrot-fashion “Tories have crashed the economy”. So depressing. Angela could be in power in 14 months she needs to answer questions & explain her own plans.”

@hzeffman added: “Angela Rayner repeatedly refusing to commit to a Labour government keeping the pensions triple lock on @BBCBreakfast She says she doesn’t want to make “unfunded spending commitments” without knowing the state the public finances will be in when the election comes.”

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One from 6am

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