BBC Breakfast backlash as viewers fume over missing local news ‘What is going on?’

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BBC Breakfast returned to screens on Monday morning following the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. However, viewers were left annoyed by the lack of local news being reported with more Olympics coverage and international news being prioritised. 

Viewers took to Twitter to express their frustration with many demanding to know when the local news would return.

One viewer said: “@BBCBreakfast where are the local news and weather bulletins at 6.25am? Are they not coming back after the blanket coverage of the Olympics? #BBCbreakfast.”

Another added: “Where is the local news, travel and weather this morning? #bbcbreakfast”

“@BBCBreakfastI was looking forward to finally getting our local news & weather back today after you completely dropping it during the Olympics… only the nat’l weather just before the hour & half hour where it should be… what’s going on??! Face with symbols over mouth #bbcsouth,” a third person continued.

Another asked: “@BBCBreakfast are we getting the local news this morning?”

More to follow…

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