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BARGAIN Hunt contestants clashed with an expert over a 'dangerous' item they bought which was disqualified.

The hit BBC One show aired its latest episode on the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend as viewers tuned in for their latest fix.

It sees two teams, Red and Blue, go head-to-head as they buy items in the hope of making a profit at auction.

However, things didn't go to plan for the Blue team, who were Carys and Bonnie.

Expert Tim Weeks was assigned to help their team and they were set the task of finding vintage clothing.

But while the women spent £80 on what they believed were vintage dresses, it turned out the garments were not vintage.

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The items were disqualified as a result.

Carys and Bonnie's luck didn't improve as their next purchase, a set of airplane seats, was branded a "dangerous buy" by Tim.

He told the women how not many people would be "fussed" about purchasing them at auction.

“Your average buyer is not going to be looking for these, are they?” he questioned.

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But they didn't agree with him and it led to a clash, with Carys declaring: “I love them. I feel as though it's a sign that we're going somewhere hot and we should buy them.”

Despite Tim warning them, the girls purchased the four seats for £35.

While the auction started off well, with the airplane seats making a profit of £3 and an insect case selling for £2 more than what they paid for at £20, things quickly changed.

Due to the not so vintage pieces being disqualified Carys and Bonnie came out with an overall loss.

They lost to the red team, who made an overall profit of £45.

Bargain Hunt airs on BBC One and iPlayer.

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