‘Barbie’ Ends First Week With $258M+, ‘Oppenheimer’ $127M+; ‘Haunted Mansion’ Audience Scores Better Than Critics – Friday AM Box Office

Very early figures here for Barbenheimer given their wonderous first week. So early we don’t have the figures for Disney’s Haunted Mansion previews yet, nor the official studio numbers.

But it’s another sexy $20M+ day for Barbie with an estimated $21.4M on Thursday (-7% from Wednesday), ending its first week at $258.6M. The pic should easily become the fastest female demo feature to $300M, beating the 10 days that it took Beauty and the Beast to cross. We’ll update you with Warners’ official number soon.

Among all Warner Bros Thursdays, Barbie is fourth after The Matrix Reloaded ($37.5M, May 15, 2003), The Hangover Part Two ($31.6M, May 26, 2011) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($22M, July 16, 2009).

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'Barbie' Kenergizes Past $500M Worldwide Box Office; 'Oppenheimer' Eyes $300M Global Through Friday

Oppenheimer made $10M yesterday, -6% from Wednesday, for a first week of $127.8M. Again, in the face of Barbie, that’s an excellent hold. Barbie is expected to gross around $70M in weekend 2, Oppenheimer is around $35M. We are hearing both pics are looking at the best second weekend presales ever.

The Boxoffice Company, which supplies showtimes to Google, TikTok, IMDB, Bing and Apple is reporting a record-breaking sales for its network of 150 exhibition partners. Barbie and Oppenheimer are collectively generating one of the best holdover weekends ever since Avengers: Endgame. Per the leading theater chains with the Box Office Company, this past week is shaping up to be the best full week of ticket sales since Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s full holiday week of Dec. 17-23, 2021.

Haunted Mansion began previews on Wednesday with Dolby Early Access Screenings at 7 p.m. followed by national previews at 3 p.m. yesterday. Presales indicated a start of $30M, but the big x-factor is whether Barbie steals family business away, even though the theme park ride movie is gaining 200 PLF screens. We’ll have a number for you soon.

Early PostTrak is smacking critics’ ‘Rotten Tomatoes grade of 40% rotten with 4 stars and 79% positive last night. Pic skewed female at 57% with 37% under 25.

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