Arrow Recap: What Knowledge Did Future William and Roy Drop on Us?

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Felicity clashed with Diggle, a pair of Canaries pondered cooperation and new flash forwards shed a bit of light on William and Roy’s future fates.

Starting with, well, the future, William’s reunion with Roy let slip with a few, but major, details on their respective lives. Picking up mid-huddle around a Lian Yu campfire, Roy remarked, “Felicity and Oliver, they really just left you?” To which William admitted, “Pretty much. And my ex-boyfriend wonders why I have commitment issues.” That said, William “survived” the aforementioned family sitch.

He then explained how the arrowhead totem given to him in 2018 by Felicity started “beeping” three weeks ago; cracking it open, he discovered coordinates… for Lian Yu.

We also learned that adult William is “a guy who spent over a billion dollars trying to develop affordable magnetic levitation” — which means he is a tech titan or he won this week’s Mega Millions lottery. Time will tell.

As for Roy: William tried to get at what happened to Aunt Thea’s one true love in the time since they left to rid the world of Lazarus Pits, but Roy cut the lad off: “I came here to forget about all of that.” Then, taking a closer look at the arrowhead stone, Roy came to realize its true meaning, leading William to an unexplored grave site. Digging, they unearthed a crate containing… Oliver’s costume and bow. “I can’t even shoot an arrow, why would Felicity want me to have this?” a puzzled William wondered. Finding, reading and then torching (!) a slip of paper tucked inside the bow, Roy declared, “We’re going back … to Star City!”

Speaking of Star City….

In the here and now, Felicity and Diggle clashed over how best to hunt down Diaz, especially in the wake of the Longbow Hunters (Red Dart, Silencer and Kodiak) rearing their notorious head to steal from ARGUS a “superbattery” that could power a city-leveling energy weapon. Oliver meanwhile learns the price he must pay — ridding Slabside of the guard named Yorke — in order to procure intel on Diaz from Brick. When Yorke fails to heed Oliver’s warnings, Inmate 4587 is left no choice but to get into a fracas with the guard, during which Oliver stabs himself in the gut with a shiv he had jammed into the bull’s hand. Suspected of attacking Oliver, Yorke is taken off duty, non-lethally fulfilling Brick’s demand.

With the Longbow Hunters in town and Diaz presumably not far behind, Dinah tried to assign a protective detail to DA Laurel Lance, to no avail. When Laurel went rogue and tried to get the drop on Diaz herself, she was stopped in her tracks, literally silenced by Silencer. But when Dinah chipped in her own sonic cry, the two Canaries were able to overload Silencer’s… silencer… and KO the Hunter.

Back at the cop shop, Laurel expressed to Dinah the hurt she feels over not-my-actual-father Quentin’s death, likening it somewhat to Dinah’s own tragic loss of Vince. A tearful Laurel knows better than to ask forgiveness for that kill, but instead invites Dinah to consider that maybe she isn’t the “monster” she is made out to be.

Diggle & Co. meanwhile had to contend with Dart and Kodiak as ARGUS infiltrated the train on which Diaz was transporting the superbattery. After the two Hunters were bested, Diggle slugged it out with a flamethrower-wielding Diaz, in an “exterior” train fight that, effects-wise, came off better than it had any right to. Seriously, well done. When Diaz went tumbling onto the flatcar behind him, Diggle ordered Felicity over comms to uncouple it from the front — but she hesitated, worried that they’d lose their shot at Diaz. Curtis stepped in and got the job done, allowing John to ride off with the superbattery secured. In the wake of the “win,” Diggle and Felicity discussed their differing approaches, leaving her to ally with someone new: FBI Agent Watson.

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