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CAST your mind back to Married At First Sight 2021, and you might remember how Amy and Josh had a rocky relationship right from the start. 

With there being doubts about their age gap and if they can see eye to eye, we reveal if the couple are still together.

Are Married at First Sight UK's Amy and Josh still together? 

Amy and Josh decided to stay together after MAFS ended, but split shortly afterwards.

Their breakup was confirmed during the reunion show as Amy rocked up without Josh.

The pair revealed they had split and were barely on speaking terms.

As part of the show, the pair ended up getting their own place together in London.

Amy decided to host a Mexican night, and in preparation for the night, Josh admitted that he had reached the end of his tether with Amy when she decided to flip out in the kitchen. 

Josh spoke to, and said: “That moment was one of the ones where i had enough and just wanted to throw in the towel,”

"There were breaking points throughout the process, the dinner party was one of them where I thought I have had enough, I just want to leave now."

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What happened between Amy and Josh on Married at First Sight UK?

Josh and Amy were one of the eight couples in the Married At First Sight UK 2021 line-up.

They tied the knot in the third episode of the series.

Cracks in their relationship began early, which made the future of these two looking unlikely.  

During their wedding ceremony, Amy delcated her determination to “waste time”.

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The pair haven't always seen eye to eye as Josh said he usually takes up to a year to say, “ I love you”, which didn't sit well with Amy.

Amy expressed how she wanted someone to be actively involved in her life.

In their commitment ceremony with the dating experts, Amy admitted she was ready to leave the process as she was wanting to give up.

Whilst the pair were sitting on the sofa in front of the experts, Amy said: "Listening to Josh, I feel like he is trying,”

"But we do move at different paces and I just feel quite alone. I've been left in social situations before when my partner hasn't checked in on me…”

"I don't want somebody like that again," she explained.

After several moments of her deciding what her final decision was, she decided to go with trusting the process and continue her journey with Josh.

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Sadly, as we revealed earlier, they then went on to split up.

As of August 2022 Amy continues to work as a sports presenter, while ex-husband Josh has been doing Ads for companies on Instagram.

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