Archie's Verdict, Gargoyle King & Flying Babies: 5 WTF 'Riverdale' Premiere Moments

See what star Madchen Amick tells TooFab about some of tonight’s wildest scenes — and there were a lot of them!

There were just as many twists and turns as there were abs in tonight’s season premiere of "Riverdale," which set up a number of new mysteries for the town’s residents.

Not only did viewers get a (hopefully temporary) resolution to Archie’s murder trial, but more death, threats and even a damn cult for Season 3. This is going to be a wild one!

We’re breaking down the 5 biggest developments from "Labor Day" below, with some help from the one and only Madchen Amick, AKA Alice Cooper.

Archie Takes a Deal

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Much of the episode revolved around Archie’s murder trial, after he was set up for killing Cassidy at Shadow Lake by Hiram Lodge and his evil crew.

The DA made a strong case against his character, calling him out for starting 2 vigilante groups, attacking Nick St. Clair and threatening Sweet Pea. His lawyer (and mom, conflict of interest much?) made him look like a hero though, noting how he helped solve the murder of Jason Blossom and saved Cheryl from drowning, as well as the lack of any physical evidence.

The judge allowed Archie to spend the weekend with his family and loved ones before the jury delivered a verdict, giving him time to become an honorary Serpent with a new tattoo from FP. Yep, almost everyone’s got some snake ink these days!

In the end, the jury came back deadlocked, 6-6, ending in a mistrial. Instead of going through another lengthy stint in court, the DA offered a deal: time served, plus two years in juvenile detention if Archie pleads guilty to manslaughter. He took it.

"The whole reason why he did that was that he didn’t want to put family and friends through any more stress and torture, because they worked the entire summer trying to fight his accusation," Amick explained to TooFab. "He’s kind of just putting himself up as a sacrificial lamb and say, look, you know what, I have the guilt from this and I don’t want to put my family and friends through this anymore."

Of course, him taking the deal doesn’t mean his friends and family will rest. Fred vowed to prove Hiram set up his son and "make that son of a bitch pay," while Hiram told Veronica this was her punishment for choosing Archie over blood. Ronnie’s response: "You don’t have a daughter anymore."

The Gargoyle King

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While the gang tries to free Archie, they’ll also have a new nemesis: The Gargoyle King.

Though we didn’t see the new bad guy in the flesh, we got a peek at a drawing of the skull-faced creature and the terror Riverdale could be in store for.

Viewers were introduced to the GK via Ben and Dilton, the latter turning to Jughead for help. "We thought it was just a game, a stupid role playing game, but it’s not," he told Juggie. "It’s so much more. He’s real!"

The episode ended with Jughead following a map Dilton had left him, leading him to their underwear-clad bodies beneath a tree with carvings on their back. It appeared as though they had just drank some sort of poison, as they were both foaming at the mouth.

It’s definitely a dark turn for the show, but also par for the course according to Amick. "I mean everybody is feeling like it’s an even darker season, but when you have a serial killer on the loose, to me that’s pretty dark," she joked. "It’s a creepy season, so our looming threat the will give you nightmares."

Turf War, Continued

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Looks like the battle between the Ghoulies and Serpents will continue this year, after the former kidnapped the latter’s beloved Hot Dog.

Penny and Malachai orchestrated the dognapping, which escalated fast when confronted by Jughead and his gang. The standoff between the two groups ended with Cheryl whipping out her trusty "Arrow" skills and firing one right into Malachai’s arm.

The Ghoulies promised to get revenge, saying nobody’s safe, even on the North Side of town.

New Duos on the Horizon

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The teens of Riverdale were all about the summer lovin’, as we got a look at some of the show’s newest couples in action.

In addition to Varchie, Bughead and Choni — who spent vacation road tripping on motorcycles — Josie has apparently paired up with Sweet Pea, while Kevin and Moose are clearly getting closer.

Though Josie wanted to keep her fling a summer thing, we doubt that’ll be the case. As for Kevin and Moose, Kev only said the two were "hanging out," but wanted to make a pact for them to lose their virginities by Halloween. With each other? We’ll see!

"I definitely love the Choni," said Amick when asked to pick a ship. "I love that storyline I think that’s really important for our youth to see that it doesn’t matter what you identify, as you’re celebrated and you’re just like any other couple."

"I mean, I’m certainly rooting for Alice to be happy eventually," she added. "She deserves it, but she’s already attracted to the bad boys. So she’s going after FP at moment and Edgar Evernever’s a charismatic character"

"Maybe Alice isn’t meant to be with anyone or maybe she needs to start looking at the opposite sex, she just shouldn’t be with boys," added Amick.

The Cult, Betty & Flying Babies

Speaking of Edgar Evernever, Polly and Alice have been drinking the Kool-Aid down at The Farm. Gone is the high-strung Alice from past seasons, as she’s instead transformed into quite the flower child thanks to Edgar’s teachings.

Alice kept trying to get Betty on board, but she was not having it, calling the group "a Heaven’s Gate commune for pregnant runaways and wives of serial killers."

After Alice and Polly discovered that Betty’s been forging her adderall prescriptions, they pushed even harder for her to get help, but she still wouldn’t listen.

The episode ended with Betty coming home to find a weird ceremony going down in their backyard with Polly’s twins. Polly and Alice were seen holding them over a fire, dropping them, before the two babies started floating in the air. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?!

Before Betty had time to ask that very question, she fell to the ground in full blown seizure.

Did she really see that … or is her fried brain finally catching up with her?

"Riverdale" airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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