Antiques Roadshow guest refuses to sell iconic BBC test card clown

Antiques Roadshow: Guest refuses to sell BBC test card clown

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During a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow, Ronnie Archer-Morgan got a blast from the past when one guest brought him the iconic BBC test card clown, which was once used to signal that no programmes were being broadcast. The woman, who featured alongside the clown as a little girl, had brought the items in to be valued.

Carole Hersee began by explaining the history behind Bubbles the clown, and how she made it.

“Was Bubbles the clown your toy?” the expert asked as Carole nodded.

“Yes it is my toy and I made him from a kit because they wanted the colours,” she said.

“They needed the primary colours.”

Ronnie pointed out: “Because it is a test card, so they could see all the tones and everything.”

“And they needed flesh because we’d never had colour before,” Carole continued as she explained why they needed the noughts and crosses on the blackboard.

“X marks the centre of the screen. So that is why there is only one X and that’s why I never got to win or lose the game.”

When quizzed on whether she owned the original blackboard, the guest said: “No, it’s not.

“As you can see, it’s not quite in the same area of the blackboard that was on the original.

“That’s because when the picture was taken, I was using my left hand.

“At some point, that image was flipped because they said they needed a right-handed child.”

“People would probably like to know the value of the original Bubbles,” Ronnie said.

He claimed people would pay between £1,500 and £2,000 for the iconic item.

However, Carole was quick to shut him down, explaining she would never sell.

“He’s not going anywhere but back in his box,” she insisted.

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