Angry Phillip Schofield rants that TikTok yob who taunted Chris Whitty should be on billboard after 'astonishing' abuse

PHILLIP Schofield furiously ranted that the TikTok idiot who taunted Professor Chris Whitty should be plastered on a billboard after his "astonishing" abuse.

Shocking footage showed the moment the Chief Medical Officer was branded "a liar" by a teenage covid-denier in the street.

Playing the clip that was posted on social media, Phillip said on This Morning: "This is not only astonishing, it is also pretty damn creepy that someone decided that this was the thing to do.

"It's a shame we blurred his face because he should be on a billboard. It should just say 'idiot'.

"He is the guy who confronted a man in the street in a very aggressive way. That is a frightening thing to happen to anybody."

The yob filmed himself taunting Whitty despite the professor's tireless work battling the deadly disease, which has killed 108,013 Brits.

The schoolboy, whose face has been blurred because he is a schoolboy, goads the government's leading coronavirus expert in a London street, forcing Prof Whitty to pull on his mask.

The TikTok idiot – who is not wearing a mask himself – continues abusing him, calling him a "liar" as he harangues Prof Whitty at Westminster's Strutton Ground market.

At one point the lout shamelessly faces the camera before spewing out another tirade of disgusting taunts.

The mouthy moron accuses the professor of "lying about the Covid-19 cases, man, stop lying to the TV, man".

Prof Whitty – a world-renowed epidemiologist, has advised the nation based on scientific advice – kept his cool throughout the sickening harassment.

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