America’s Got Talent 2022 LIVE — Fans SLAM tonight’s ‘unfair’ Golden Buzzer given to Selena actress Madison Taylor Baez | The Sun

AMERICA'S Got Talent (AGT) has returned for another episode of auditions this week and fans are disappointed in the act that got the Golden Buzzer.

Howie Mandel used his golden buzzer to send Madison "Maddie" Taylor Baez directly to the live show in AGT's second episode of the season after she sang from the audience during a commercial break.

Though the judges and people in the crowd were overjoyed about the decision, some fans were not as excited, saying that the decision was "unfair."

One such user tweeted: "Im sorry, but I feel bad for the people that have been waiting all damn day to try and get a golden buzzer, and a “random” girl in the crowd gets it.

"Don’t get me wrong, I’m heartbroken about her father…but still…how unfair to the other contestants."

Maddie is a singer and actress who is 11 years old, and also played Young Selena Quintanilla in Netflix's Selena: The Series.

Tune in to NBC at 8pm ET NOW to catch the latest round of AGT auditions.

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  • Amanda Castro

    Who was Nightbirde, continued

    Nightbirde instantly won over an emotional Simon who honored her with the coveted Golden Buzzer, while the other judges and the crowd gave her a standing ovation and rapturous applause.

    The entertainer became an overnight sensation after her incredible audition with a video of her performance racking up over 30 million views on YouTube.

  • Amanda Castro

    Deepfakers move on!

    The deepfaking act was given four yesses and is moving on to the next round!

  • Amanda Castro

    Who was Nightbirde?

    Nightbirde, whose real name was Jane Marczewski was known as an American singer and songwriter.

    After sending in an audition tape to AGT the 31-year-old was invited on the show and wowed Simon Cowell and his fellow judges with her moving performance of an original song called It’s Okay.

  • Amanda Castro

    'You're the inspiration'

    A look at the deepfake!

  • Amanda Castro

    Simon's deepfake is coming up

    A former AGT contestant was brought onto the stage to put an act's deepfake technology to the test.

    Simon was the celebrity they used for the performance and the crowd went wild at the sight of him.

  • Amanda Castro

    Heidi and Sofía take the stage

    During an act of very dramatic proportions, the performer brought up judges Sofía and Heidi to the stage to participate in a scary act.

    It involved a chain and a hook attached to the performer's nose.

  • Amanda Castro

    Zombie-fied performance

    In a rise of the undead, the dance crew taking the stage gets X-buzzers all around.

  • Amanda Castro

    Ain't No Mountain High Enough

    This uncle-and-niece act is advancing to the next round of AGT.

  • Amanda Castro

    A returning act

    One of the singers of the season 15 group Resound has returned with his niece to audition as an act.

  • Amanda Castro

    'One of the best'

    Heidi said that this was "one of the best dance groups I've ever seen on this show."

    All four judges gave them a "yes," sending them to the next round of the competition.

  • Amanda Castro

    Japanese dance crews takes the stage

    In a regional performance, a girls vs guys dance crew takes the stage.

  • Amanda Castro

    Howie's Golden Buzzer

    Maddie just got the Golden Buzzer for her performance from Howie.

  • Amanda Castro

    A great setup

    During a commercial break, an 11-year-old girl named Maddie was brought into the audience in order to be given an audition as she sang a rendition of Amazing Grace from the crowd.

  • Amanda Castro

    Catch Aiko's performance

    Judge Heidi Klum shared Aiko's hilarious performance on her Twitter account.

  • Amanda Castro

    Aiko was 'so funny'

    Simon said that "from the minute you walked out, you got us" about Aiko's performance.

    He, along with the rest of the judges, sent her along to Vegas.

  • Amanda Castro

    Aiko's comedy act

    Immigrant comedian Aiko was given a standing ovation after her performance.

    "I struggled with insecurities and a lot of people told me that I couldn't do it because it wasn't my language," said Aiko about her comedy performances.

  • Amanda Castro

    George W Bush impersonator booted

    After a comedy act that "didn't land," according to Howie, the George W Bush impersonator was sent away with four "no's."

  • Amanda Castro

    'Comedy songs are never really funny'

    The first rejections of the night come in as an Anthony from New York came on stage to sing a comedy song about comedies being boring.

  • Amanda Castro

    Watch funkanometry's performance again

    AGT's official Twitter account has just shared Funkanometry's full performance.

  • Amanda Castro

    'The big leap'

    Funkanometry got a "yes" from each judge, meaning that they will advance to the next round.

  • Amanda Castro

    Simon's only issue

    "My only issue is that it wasn't long enough," said Simon about Funkanometry's performance.

  • Amanda Castro

    Funkanometry is up next

    A duo of young dancers is about to take the stage.

    "This competition means everything for us," they said. "Literally can change our lives forever."

  • Amanda Castro

    'Bock and Roll'

    A look at Zoey's act!

  • Amanda Castro

    It's four yesses from the judges

    After the four judges said "yes" to Zoey's act, she is now headed to the next round of the competition.

  • Amanda Castro

    'I love your chickens'

    About Zoey and her chicken training, Howie said: "I love your chickens, I love you."

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