All the Other Things That Time-Traveling Movie Could Have Been Called

In a new trailer that’s been making the rounds on Twitter, Hamilton‘s Leslie Odom Jr. plays Nick, a man who’s deeply in love with his wife, Janine (Cynthia Erivo). Everything is going great until Janine’s ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, who still loves Janine and somehow has the power to travel through time, comes back into the picture and derails their wedded bliss.

It’s a classic story of boy meets girl, boy loves girl, time-traveling Legolas shows up and ruins everything. But what’s most notable about the film is the title, which is so transcendently terrible that it feels like a spoiler merely to write it down. So before we do, please watch all two minutes and 11 seconds of the trailer for the big reveal (it’s worth it, we promise).

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