All Creatures Great and Small’s Callum Woodhouse admits it’s ‘daunting’ playing Tristan

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All Creatures Great and Small has been airing on Channel 5 and the series has officially been renewed for a third outing. In the Christmas special, fans saw Tristan Farnon (played by Callum Woodhouse) pass his veterinary exams. The actor spoke exclusively to about portraying the young vet.

All Creatures Great and Small season three is likely to see Tristan go solo as he attends to clients in Darrowby.

His brother Siegfried (Samuel West) was delighted to hear Tristan had finally passed his exams.

He is likely to give Tristan far more responsibility, which would really test his level of professionalism.

Tristan is also dealing with personal relationships as he found out his love interest Maggie (Mollie Winnard) was already engaged.

The young vet was previously played by Peter Davison in the BBC version of the series.

Actor Woodhouse told it was tricky to fill his shoes.

He said: “Obviously it was very daunting, I can’t say it wasn’t. But I just tried to think about it as little as I could.

“I couldn’t get too hung up. When I auditioned I know of the original series but I never read the book.

“I wanted to make Tristan my own. Peter Davison is amazing and I knew first-hand how iconic a character he was.”

Thankfully fans instantly warmed to the new Tristan on the Channel 5 hit.

Woodhouse said he believed people had fallen in love with the joy his character brings to the series.

He said: “I think people just like the fact he’s always up for a laugh.

“And he does try to see the fun and light side of everything.”

As for what is in store for his character, he teased Tristan is left in a “predicament”.

The star said: “He spends all the episodes stressed and nervous and when the [exam] results come in, he’s got the love of his life on his mind.”

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Ahead of the season three renewal, he said: “If we do get to season three it will be interesting to see him start official work as a qualified vet.

“And his love life, the idea of a long term relationship has rubbed off from James [Herriot] to Tristan.”

The actor also teased how season three will address the impending Second World War, as it will be set in 1939.

He added: “It would be impossible to ignore and it would be doing a disservice.

“Our version is set up as more of a voice to the women than the original.

“Men leaving the farms in the hands of the women, it would be amazing to shine a spotlight on that.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on Woodhouse and his portrayal of Tristan.

@AolCatherine said: “@AllCreaturesTV Thank you so much everyone, for what has been the best programme on TV!

“A wonderful ending tonight, Tristan’s character is hilarious, beautiful scenery, and the horse and foal made us cry.”

Annabel Mason said: “That was the wholesome goodness I needed after this week. Anyone else a bit in love with Tristan?”

All Creatures Great and Small is on My5 and Acorn TV in the UK, and airs on PBS in the US.

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