A Place in the Sun viewers baffled over buyers VERY bizarre property plan

A PLACE in the Sun viewers were left baffled over a couple's very bizarre property plan.

Property expert Jean Johansson was tasked with finding couple Maria and Andy their dream property in Famagusta, Cyprus.

The pair from Dartmoor had a budget of £140,000 and were looking for a permanent home after meeting 20 years ago on the island.

During the episode, the couple had one rather specific request for their pet feline Keo.

Maria and Andy wanted the property to be fully cat-proof, stating that needed a "safe enclosed area" for the furry animal.

Channel 4 host Jean showed the couple five properties, property one in Vrysoules was a firm no, as they were not keen with the pool being at the front of the house.

Jean then took the pair to a two-bed detached property in Avgorou on the market at £136,364.

The impressive house had a balcony to the front and a private pool at the back which was surrounded by a patio. 

The villa ticked most of their boxes but were put off by the outside area, which was not cat-proof.

Jean reminded them that because it was under budget, meaning they could use the extra cash to create a safe space for their pet.

The presenter then took the couple to another stunning villa in Avgorou, with a two-bed, garage and a front terrace.

Valued at £136,364, it came with a private pool and an outdoor shower.

On first impressions Maria was impressed, she said: “It’s attractive from the outside, I like the stone at the front, gives it a bit of character.” 

They were happy with the pool and pleased that there was villa was "security" friendly for their little cat.

Maria said: "I'm just a bit concerned with the properties there, us being overlooked, not to keen on that but security wise it's ideal for Keo."

Jean was keen to find out more about Keo, she asked: "You've talked about Keo, I need a picture in my head, is it ginger? is it a black and white cat?"

Maria replied: "They call him a blue Burmese."

Jean exclaimed: "Oh beautiful. I know those ones gorgeous."

The couple explained that they have had him for eight years and that he is a firm member of their family.

Channel 4 viewers were left baffled by their cat-proof plans and were confused that they would choose a property surrounded by other houses.

One confused viewer wrote: "Not sure why this area is better for the cat. Massively surrounded by other properties (with other cat/dog potential). The other place near the fields would be better imo. #aplaceinthesun"

A second posted: "Catproof ??? Err… that's a cage."

A third shared: "Cat proof it? Good luck with that!"

Another added: "It’s in the middle of fields but they need to cat proof it! #aplaceinthesun"

One viewer hilariously posted: "On suite for the f**kin cat. #aplaceinthesun"

Another confused viewer wrote: "Poor outside space. Fire escape spiral to the roof… nice for the cat. #aplaceinthesun"

The couple saw two further properties but neither were "mind-blowing" and they decided tomake an offer on the second property despite the lack of "cat-fencing".

"We're going to start with £119,000," said Andy, leaving Jean looking flummoxed.

"That property is on the market for just over £134,000, so £119,000 seems a bit low to me, where have you got that figure from?" she asked.

The pair explained they had to factor in the extra cost of making the villa feline safe.

Maria said: "It was the security for Keo. We need to get it properly fenced in."

Unfortunately the couple's offer was turned down, as was their subsequent higher offer and the one after.

Their final offer of £138,000 was finally accepted, leaving the pair thrilled with their new home.

A Place in the Sun airs weekday afternoons at 4pm on Channel 4. 

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