A Helpful Timeline of Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’s Drama-Filled ‘Bachelorette’ Romance

Remember March 2020? HA HA HA, me neither, but that’s when Clare Crawley was announced as ABC’s next Bachelorette. Since that fated day, a lot has happened—including but not limited to a global pandemic and significant changes in the Bachelor franchise in response to calls for increased diversity. But also, Clare quit (or was kicked off…) The Bachelorette and got engaged to contestant Dale Moss after *checks notes* 12 days of knowing him. On top of that, ABC recast Clare with Tayshia Adams, and Dale and Clare broke up shortly after…but were still hanging out and doing the public PDA thing…only to get back together, get engaged, and breakup again. If all this has left you confused and/or spiraling as you flop around in a sea of rose petals, let me go ahead and lay it out for you:

March 2, 2020

Clare is officially announced as ABC’s next Bachelorette. The big reveal goes down on Good Morning America and Clare says she wants a man “who will take off his armor” and “open himself up and be vulnerable.” DALE MOSS, YOU LISTENING?

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