'90 Day Fiancé': What Is Brandon Gibbs' Net Worth and What Does He Do for Work?

 Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina have become one of the most interesting couples on season 8 of  90 Day Fiancé. Gibbs’ overbearing parents have posed a real problem in his relationship with Trubkina and in his life in general. Though Gibbs spends a lot of his time working on his parent’s farm, he actually has another job.

Brandon and Julia’s relationship

Gibbs met Trubkina when he was FaceTiming one of his friends and saw her in the background.

“She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen,” Gibbs said on the show. “I couldn’t stop thinking about her. My first message to her was, ‘You look like my future wife.’” 

Gibbs was hesitant about dating long distance, but felt like there could be something between them.

“With a little nudge from my friend saying, ‘Come on just do it,’  I did it and started talking to her and really got to know her,” he said in an interview with The Progress Index. “At that point, I went to visit him and Julia because they were in the same country. 

“I figured…I’m gonna go meet her and the worst-case scenario is I get to spend a week with my friend and have a great time somewhere cool,” he continued. “So, I went for it.” 

He flew to Russia to meet Trubkina and the two hit it off. After Gibbs left Russia, Trubkina applied for a visa to visit America but was denied. The two then met in Iceland instead and Gibbs proposed. They then applied for the K-1 visa so that Trubkina could live in America.

Brandon Gibs doesn’t stand up to his parents

When Trubkina arrived in America, she quickly learned that Gibbs had not been completely honest with her about his parents and how big of a role that they had in his life. Gibb’s mother would not allow him and Trubkina to share a room and required Trubkina to work on the farm.

“I very like animals but I don’t want to take care of animals,” Trubkina said on the show after being told what her chores on the farm would be.

“I want to help Brandon but his mother not think to ask me, ‘Julia do you want to help? Or do you not want to help? How do you feel about it?’ She say, ‘you need to do this,’” she continued. “I am a dancer, I am a designer…I like not place for working. I don’t want to work on a farm.”

The farm has become a massive point of contention between Gibbs and Trubkina as Trubkina is expected to do work all day and then Gibbs must also work on the farm when he comes home from his day job, leaving the two have very little alone time together.

What is Brandon Gibbs’ net worth?

Gibbs has gotten a lot of heat from fans for living with his parents and not being independent but he does have his own job outside of the farm.

“Nobody’s mentioned yet about the fact that I do actually work a full-time job as a pest control technician,” Gibbs told the outlet. “I just do a lot of work on my parents’ farm. I try to pull my fair share of work around here since I’m living here.”  

Gibbs’ net worth has not been officially published but according to ScreenRant it is a little below $100,000 due to his family’s farm.

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