5 Swoon-Worthy Moments From The 'Riverdale' Premiere That'll Make You Hyperventilate

The Season 3 premiere started off with a big bang and gave us an ample serving of courtroom drama, emotional cliffhangers, and new mysteries. In true Riverdale fashion, there was one thing that stood out above all else: All the steamy, passionate couples who just can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Naturally, we took it upon ourselves to round up all our favorite, squeal-inducing moments that had our shipper hearts melting. Hey, it’s a good break from thinking too hard about that cliffhanger ending, right? Keep reading to check out our list of the five most swoon-worthy moments from the Season 3 premiere of Riverdale.

1. Choni heats up to the umpteenth degree, and we’re so here for it.

As Cheryl explained in last night’s episode, she spent the past three months with Toni and they were utterly blissful. Onscreen, the badass Serpent divas rode on Toni’s motorcycle cross country so they could get away from the madness around them. Offscreen, the mere idea that Choni spent all summer together made shipper hearts everywhere flutter.

They returned to Riverdale just in time to throw an epic pool party, where Cheryl confessed to Toni (or as she calls her, TT) that she wished she could save Archiekins from his impending prison sentence. *Cue hysterical crying*

2. Even a prison sentence can’t bring these two down. Long live Varchie!

We got some quality Varchie kisses (and then some) during the episode. From relaxing poolside at Thornhill to some steamy alone time at the bonfire, Archie and Veronica made the best of their time together before the clock ran out. Not only did they reaffirm their love for one another, but they made it clear that Hiram Lodge’s maniacal plans could not break them apart. Ever.

Undoubtedly, the saddest moment of the premiere came at the end when Archie ⏤ out of sheer desperation ⏤ took the plea deal and watched his world crumble around him. As he was being hauled off in the courtroom, Archie turned and said his last words: “I love you, Veronica.” That’s right, shippers! He said her full name
(and not “Ronnie”), thus clueing us in to how serious all of this truly is.

3. Bughead is Riverdale’s ultimate power duo.

The Serpent King has found his Queen, and it is a sight to behold. As Jughead prepared his troops for battle, Betty insisted on fighting beside him and uttered the now iconic line: “The Serpent Queen is a warrior queen.” YES, we are so here for it. 

Later at the bonfire, Mr. Jughead Jones takes off his crown hat and placed it on Betty’s head. This is what we call peak adorable, people! The cherry on top of this sexy milkshake was when Jughead declared Betty his partner in life. Damn, Jughead sure knows how to take someone’s breath away.

4. Kevin + Moose = Mevin?

In the Season 2 finale, we got a brief glimpse of Kevin and Moose’s chemistry during their passionate make out session in the bathroom. Although we didn’t see much of the newfound couple together this week, we did get a cute scene at Cheryl’s party where, ahem, let’s just say Kevin was ready to take things to the next level with Moose. All I want is for Kevin to be happy, but Moose is still wishy-washy about his feelings. Fingers crossed that Mevin actually makes things official in Season 3.

5. Josie and Sweetpea brought some serious West Side Story vibes.

First of all, WHAT. I am truly shocked at this unexpected pairing, but I’m not mad at it. Josie deserves a happy ending after all she’s been through with the breakdown of her family and her on-and-off bandmates/BFFs. Sweetpea may look tough on the outside, but he’s an innocent and loyal companion who’ll surely stick around for the long run. Even though Josie just wants a summer fling, it’s clear that Sweetpea wants more. Let’s hope we’ll get a chance to see what heights this romance can reach in Season 3.

Are you digging all the steamy Riverdale couples? Who’s your favorite pairing and which duo do you think is headed for disaster? Let us know in the comments.

Riverdale airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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