3 big Emmerdale spoilers as village rocked by shooting and kidnap

Emmerdale share trailer for Cain versus Al

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Cain Dingle (played by Jeff Hordley) learns his sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter) has been continuing her affair with Emmerdale bad boy Al Chapman (Matthew Wildman). Wanting Al out of the Dingle family’s lives forever, he takes matters into his own hands. Elsewhere, Kim Tate (Claire King) and Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) team up to help save Dawn (Olivia Bromley) from homelessness – but it could leave them in big trouble. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about this week’s drama.

Cain Dingle holds Al Chapman at gun point

Chas holds her nerve as Cain questions her on her fallout with her son Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller).

But he later discovers her burner phone and discovers a string of messages from an unknown number revealing an affair.

When Cain calls the number, he is furious to discover Al is the man Chas has been cheating with.

Filled with rage, he uses the phone to set a trap and Al sets off to meet with Chas.

However, Al is unaware Cain is waiting for him and when he arrives, the villager pulls a gun on his enemy.

Chas fears the worst when she realises Cain has discovered her affair.

Cain holds Al at gunpoint and his utter contempt at Chas’ affair with Al is evident.

As a cool Al’s confidence grows he starts to stride off before Cain reveals the gun was only to get his attention and prepares to fight.

When both their gazes fall upon the shotgun lying nearby, they both fight to reach it. As a shotgun blast goes off, it’s unclear who has shot who.

Kim and Will team up for kidnap

When the money from Harriet’s (Katherine Dow Blyton) will isn’t enough to keep their house, Billy and Dawn are daunted by the prospect of becoming homeless.

The couple form a plan to buy Woodbine for themselves until Alex threatens to take away Clemmie if he doesn’t get Harriet’s money.

The next day, as everyone sets off for Harriet’s funeral, Dawn’s anxious about Alex’s threats but her family vow to fight her corner.

She hopes she hasn’t lied when she assures Clemmie that their family will stick together.

Meanwhile, Alex is unfazed when Will manhandles him, demanding he leave Dawn alone. But as Kim baits Alex to her car with the temptation of the money he’s after, he’s bundled into their car boot.

Having tied up Alex in Home Farm stables, Kim and Will negotiate a cheaper pay off. As they leave, fearful Alex is left to stew on the decision.

At The Hide, Will tries to tell Billy about Alex but Kim heads over to shut it down. Kim and Will urge Billy not to act on his aggression towards Alex.

Keeping the hostage situation secret, Kim vows to keep her family safe. When a furious Will prepares to beat down Alex, Kim is impressed with his bravado.

After pummelling a bloodied Alex, Will composes himself. But with Alex remaining steadfast about his demands, a united and formidable Kim and Will leave him to suffer overnight.

Aaron Dingle leaves the village

After discovering his mother’s affair with Al, Aaron refuses to stick around the village.

Chas refuses to come clean about the affair and disgusted, Aaron coldly cuts off any future the two of them might have.

Will he drop the bombshell about Chas’ affair before he leaves?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm.

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