1923 star shares exposes ‘unspoken’ rule between Duttons

1923: Official trailer starring Harrison Ford

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The brand new drama set in Taylor Sheridan’s wildly successful Yellowstone universe returns on New Year’s Day for more trials and tribulations on the Dutton Ranch. As Jacob Dutton (played by Harrison Ford) struggles to keep his grip on his prized land, two sturdy women keep things running back home in the epic Paramount Network drama.

Marley Shelton has shared some intriguing details about her character Emma Dutton’s relationship with the ranch’s matriarch, Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren).

The Scream star portrays the loyal and resilient wife of John Dutton Sr (James Badge Dale), the nephew of Cara and Jacob.

Having taken on a ranching life in the early 20th Century, Emma’s days are filled with constant toil and threats against the land coming from all sides.

“I think they are in the trenches together,” Marley said of Emma and Cara.

“They both deal with this really intense, challenging existence of being completely devoted to their family, their spouses and life on the ranch.”

So far, Jacob has desperately tried to keep angry locals from launching into a range war as constant drought and livestock disputes threaten his ranch.

While fans know the Dutton legacy is still going strong in the 21st century, everything was at stake for John’s early ancestors.

“Part of that is their beloved men going off into the great unknown and maybe to never come back,” Marley told TV Insider.

“I think they have each other to lean on, and there’s a stoicism to this life.

“And there’s an unspoken [rule]; ‘let’s just keep all the trains moving on time’.”

Although fans shouldn’t expect any emotional heart-to-hearts from the stoic Duttons, every member of the family puts each other first during this tumultuous period of US history.

Not only do they work the land, but Cara especially frequently has to take up arms to ensure the land is free from trespassers.

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“Their duties on the ranch when their men are gone keep them focused,” Marley continued. “Grounded and from falling into the trap of loneliness.

“In a way they’re doers, and that forward momentum keeps them afloat.”

Marley’s co-star James has also praised the leads for their “professionalism, creativity, passion for the work, sense of humour.”

He revealed both Harrison and Helen would be among the first members of the cast on set each morning.

“I’d pop on the set and Harrison would say, ‘Where were you man, I’ve been waiting for you?’” he recalled.

“I walked away from this job more passionate and inspired to act than I have been in many years.”

Fans have been equally inspired by the Duttons’ resilience, though it’s only a matter of time before they resort to desperate measures to keep their ranch from getting into the wrong hands.

1923 continues Sundays on the Paramount Network in the USA and the following Monday on Paramount+.

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