1883’s Faith Hill hit out at old role: ‘Wasn’t the best experience – will never do again!’

Faith Hill says The Stepford Wives ‘wasn’t the best experience’

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Yellowstone prequel series 1883 debuted to rave reviews from fans and critics alike when it dropped on the Paramount Network last year. So much so, that creator Taylor Sheridan already has another prequel, 1932, in the pipeline. However, its success was in no small part down to husband and wife duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill who took on the lead roles of Margaret and James Dutton, respectively.

And it’s a role which Hill has repetitively lauded thanks to Sheridan’s storytelling abilities and the stellar cast she gets to work alongside.

However, not every acting role on her CV has been as enjoyable, something she touched upon during an appearance on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Discussing the western drama, Clarkson put to the star: “This show, 1883, it’s like your first major acting role.

“I know you were in The Stepford Wives and you’ve been in some things. So was it something that you’ve always wanted to do and you just dipped your toes in a little bit and then just decided to jump in?”

Reflecting on her career, Hill replied: “Yeah, I started singing in church but the first thing that I did when I was in middle school, high school, lower school, was plays – I was on stage all the time. 

“Then my career took off, no time, had babies, kept on having babies (and) felt like I was having babies all the time, and I had a couple of things.”

Discussing her aforementioned part in The Stepford Wives alongside Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Oscar nominees Bette Midler and Glenn Close, Hill admitted it put her off movies for good.

She continued: “I did Stepford Wives which had an amazing cast…

“(But) it wasn’t the best experience,” she candidly opened up.

“I said, ‘I’d never, ever, ever, ever do anything like that, a movie’. It took so long! 

“The waiting for me, you have to understand, I cannot. I have to be busy doing stuff.”

Divulging into the rest of her past on-screen, the 1883 star went on: “Anyway, then I did an independent thing called Dixie Land, but I’ve read a lot of scripts over the years. 

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“Nothing hit me or the timing wasn’t right and then for the script to have been so incredibly well-written, I honestly had never read anything like it – we’re talking about 1883. 

“So we just made the decision to do it. Tim and I have been married 26 years this year…”

The audience erupted into applause before Clarkson asked: “Were you excited about doing it together or were you a little intimidated?”

Hill confessed: “Well, I’m intimidated by him because he’s an amazing actor, first of all. 

“All of the actors on the show, everyone was so top of the game, behind the camera (and) in front of the camera. 

“But I did have to say, I had the rule (to keep work separate at home) for me personally, because we’ve been together so long and we’re together all the time – it’s glorious! He is the best!”

While Hill and McGraw will be saying farewell to the Yellowstone universe, for now, their replacements in 1932 have already sparked excitement.

Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford are two of the biggest stars to sign up to star in 1932 and keep Sheridan’s Yellowstone universe going strong.

1883 is available to stream on Paramount Plus in the USA now.

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